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SlimThick Testimonial

Meet Angelica (Slimthick Transformation)

Angelica started binge eating in college.

As her eating spun out of control all Angelica could think about was how much she wasn't happy with her body ... and herself.

“I just wanted to be happy and content again, the way I used to be. I literally couldn’t think of anything else,” Angelica said. It got so bad she considered moving back home.

Then she found BBT Fitness.

“It didn’t take long for me to get hooked,” Angelica said, “And I started to feel a sense of community with the people in the gym. I began opening up again, leading others again,” she said.

As Angelica gained confidence, she started enjoying the gym and even has since one of BBT Fitness's long-time members of over 3 years!

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