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BBT Brand

BBT Policies:

At BBT Fitness, we're driven by a clear mission: to offer top-quality fitness training while upholding the highest standards of fairness and ethical business conduct. Our goal is simple - to create an environment where everyone can achieve their fitness aspirations with confidence and integrity. In pursuit of this vision, we've established a set of policies that outline our commitment to our members, partners, and the greater community. These policies guide our actions, ensuring that our operations remain transparent, respectful, and in alignment with our core values. Discover the principles that drive BBT Fitness and help us in building a community rooted in trust, respect, and excellence.

Join The BBT Team!


We bring amazing fitness minds together to make a difference in the world.

At BBT Fitness, we are proud to be recognized as one of Charlotte’s top Strength & Conditioning training facilities. We produce some of Charlotte’s top transformation stories and results while building community and pushing the envelope. By joining the BBT Fitness team, you will be met with the opportunity to become an integral part of our team while building a successful career with a fast-growing company.

BBT Fitness seeks individuals looking to develop their craft while living our creed of outworking the competition! Our team members' goals are to help our members achieve the mission of BBT Fitness: Better Body, Better Confidence, Better You! 

If you are interested in joining one of Charlotte’s top Strength & Conditioning Training Facility that is dedicated to helping our team excel in their professional careers, Please complete the form below! 

It is the policy of BBT Fitness to provide equal opportunities to all applicants and employees without regard to legally protected status such as race, color, religion, gender, age, disability, nationality, etc.



BBT Fitness General Policies

Entrance and Exit:

Please use the front door for entering and exiting the gym. Kindly refrain from using the garage or back doors for access.


To make the most of your training session, we kindly request that you arrive promptly. Aim to be at least 5 minutes early for your scheduled class, ensuring you're ready to begin when your training session starts. If you anticipate being more than 15 minutes late, we recommend selecting the next available session to attend.

Child Safety:

For the safety and comfort of all our members, children aged 4 years and older are welcome to remain in the lobby area, provided they can self-occupy. We kindly ask parents to clean up after their children before leaving the gym. Please note that BBT Fitness cannot assume responsibility for supervising children during training sessions. The management and staff reserve the right to revoke this option at any time.

Parking Courtesy:

We greatly appreciate your cooperation in ensuring a smooth parking experience for everyone. Please refrain from parking in spots marked for other businesses, in front of other buildings, or double parking.

BBT Friend Policy:

BBT members are encouraged to bring a friend for one complimentary visit. This visit should be scheduled and confirmed with our staff, and guests are required to sign all necessary waivers and referral forms.


Please take a moment to review our billing policies. Our aim is to make your BBT Fitness billing process easy and transparent. Do note that we strictly adhere to billing guidelines.

Training Agreement:

For your convenience, BBT Fitness offers a Tier 2 Training Program based on an agreement. All BBT members will receive their training agreement via email at the time of enrollment.

Thank you for your attention to these policies, which help ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all our members. If you have any questions or require further clarification, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team. Your comfort and satisfaction are important to us.


  • NOTE: BBT Tier 2 Training Program is an agreement-based program. 

  • All BBT Members receive their training agreement in their email at the time of training.



General Gym Policies

  1. Carry In, Carry Out: After your scheduled class, please remember to take all your belongings with you. This helps keep our gym clean and organized for everyone.

  2. Respect for All: We value respect for our BBT Team members. Being respectful ensures that everyone enjoys their time here.

  3. Clean Up After Yourself: After your training session, kindly clean your training station. This way, your fellow members can start their workouts in a neat environment.

  4. Communication Matters: At BBT, we encourage open communication. Let your coach know how you're feeling or if you have specific goals for the day. We're here to tailor your training to your needs.

  5. Stay Positive: BBT Fitness is a positive space. We ask that you refrain from negative talk while at the gym. Remember, you can achieve anything you set your mind to!

  6. Jewelry Safety: Please keep jewelry off the gym floor to prevent damage or accidents.

  7. Always Give Your Best: Don't be afraid to push yourself. Every fitness journey starts somewhere, and we're here to support you. Modify when needed, but always strive to push your boundaries.

  8. Phone Etiquette: To ensure a quality coaching experience, we request that you refrain from talking or texting on your phone during training sessions.

  9. Be Coachable: When you come to BBT, come ready to work on yourself. Leave any negative attitudes at the door and be open to coaching.

  10. Support Your Team: BBT Fitness thrives on a supportive environment. Whether in the gym or outside, we encourage you to support your BBT teammates in their fitness journeys.

BBT Coaching Team

Our BBT Coaching Staff is dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals. They're here to encourage, energize, educate, and ensure you have an amazing experience. If you ever encounter any issues, please contact

Facility Rules

  • All individuals must adhere to COVID-19 safety guidelines while on the BBT Fitness premises.

Weight Room Rules

For Safety:

  • All teens and adolescents must be supervised by BBT Fitness Staff.

  • Understand proper lifting and exercise techniques and follow all instructions.

  • Obey warning labels on weight machines.

  • Use spotters for free weight exercises.

  • No cleats or jewelry allowed; proper footwear and exercise attire required.

  • Return weights to racks and storage areas after use.

  • No running or horseplay.

  • BBT Fitness staff is in charge of the garage door.

  • If you feel faint, sick, or injured, stop exercising and ask for assistance.

  • If you have questions, ask our staff for help.

  • BBT Fitness staff controls music choice and thermostat.

Weight Room Cleanliness

  • Wipe down surfaces after use to remove perspiration.

  • No food, drinks, gum, candy, seeds, or tobacco products on the training floor.

Training Turf Rules

Permitted Types of Practice / Play ONLY – Be Safe

  • Only athletic shoes are allowed on the training turf at all times.

  • Only water is allowed on the turf.

NOT ALLOWED - These items are not allowed on the BBT Training Floor at any point in time.

  • No METAL cleats or long turf cleats (3/4’’ or more, even if plastic).

  • No spitting or nose clearing on any part of the training floor.

  • No food of ANY kind on the Training Floor.

  • No gum, seeds, peanuts, candy.

  • No Gatorade, sports drinks, sodas, juices, or other beverages on the training floor.

  • No tobacco products of any kind anywhere in BBT.

  • No chairs, sharp objects, or high-heeled shoes.

  • No jewelry and no belts/clothing with sharp edges.

  • No pets or animals.

These revised policies aim to provide clarity and ensure a safe, respectful, and positive environment for all BBT Fitness members. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please don't hesitate to contact us. Your adherence to these policies contributes to a better gym experience for everyone.



Official Communication Only!

While we love talking and sharing experiences with you all at BBT Fitness, please only use official communication forums for all business communication. Official Communications forums are ( or Jot Forms). Please DO NOT text, call, or Direct Message on social media trainers or staff members with matters regarding your gym account. 



Having worked with thousands of members throughout the years, we have refined our systems and guidelines to reflect what we believe is most needed for the majority of people.  We believe in helping BBT Family members, and have many different options that we have created to solve different issues that you may experience as a member. 

This includes:

  • Training 

  • Nutrition 

  • results 

  • Billing 

  • Cancellations/ Suspensions

Share your issue with a BBT Staff member today and we will be happy to help you with one of our many offerings!​

Program Suspension

BBT Fitness understands that members face personal or financial difficulties at times.  With this in mind, BBT allows the member to pause their training program for 30-60-90 days.  BBT Fitness requires 15-day notices for all suspension requests.  Request made past this timeline will be taken on a case by case basis and we cannot guarantee will be honored.  

Fees may apply to additional suspensions past the initial 30-day complimentary suspension request.  


Program Cancellation 

Find yourself needing to leave your training program? All training program cancellations require a 30-day written notice.  This includes all Month to Month program options, as well as agreement lengths. Emails and Jot-form are the only official documentation accepted. Phone calls, Direct Messages through social media, or text messages will not be accepted.  Please email  


Please note: if you are canceling your training program within your initial agreement you will be responsible for paying a breaking fee.  BBT Fitness offers payment plans for financial hardships.   

Change your mind? 

If you sign-up for a training program and decide that you cannot fulfill the agreement that you signed up for BBT Offers the following options: 

A one-time program restart: BBT Will allow you to adjust your initial start date by 30-days to the initial agreed-upon date.  The program must begin on this new date. 


Program Non-start:  Pay program non-start fee and absolve training agreement.  Please contact the BBT Operations department for more information on this option.  


We're Human!

While we strive to be superheroes for you but find ourselves being human too! If there is ever a mistake, please contact us immediately so we can fix it! The official contact for BBT Fitness is  You can even just message us to say hi, we promise it will make our day! 


Be Respectful

We ask you to please be respectful to all BBT Team members.  They are working hard to ensure you receive that highest quality service daily! 



Official Communication Channels

At BBT Fitness, we prioritize effective communication. To ensure a streamlined process and swift responses, we request that you use our official communication channels: or Jot Forms. For any matters concerning your gym account, we kindly ask that you refrain from texting, calling, or directly messaging our trainers or staff members on social media.

Effective Communication

With years of experience serving thousands of members, we've fine-tuned our systems and guidelines to cater to your needs comprehensively. Whether you have questions about training, nutrition, results, billing, or cancellations/suspensions, we've developed solutions to assist you. Please share your concerns with a BBT Staff member, and we'll be delighted to guide you through our range of offerings.

Program Suspension

Life can sometimes throw unexpected challenges our way. BBT Fitness understands this, and we offer members the option to pause their training program for 30, 60, or 90 days. Please be aware that we require a 15-day notice for all suspension requests. Requests submitted beyond this timeline will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and may not be guaranteed. Additional suspensions beyond the initial 30-day complimentary suspension may incur fees.

Program Cancellation

If you find yourself needing to terminate your training program, we kindly request a 30-day written notice. This policy applies to all program options, including Month-to-Month and agreement lengths. Please note that we exclusively accept emails and submissions through Jot-Form as official documentation. Phone calls, direct messages on social media, or text messages cannot be considered official. You can reach us via email at for cancellation inquiries.

Please be aware that if you decide to cancel within your initial agreement period, you may be responsible for a breaking fee. To assist members facing financial hardships, we also offer payment plans.

Change Your Mind?

If you've enrolled in a training program and need to make adjustments, we provide the following options:

  • One-time Program Restart: You have the flexibility to change your initial start date by up to 30 days from the originally agreed-upon date. Your program must commence on this new date.

  • Program Non-Start: By paying a program non-start fee, you can dissolve the training agreement. For more information on this option, please contact the BBT Operations department.


We're Human Too

Despite our dedication, we acknowledge that mistakes can happen. If you come across any errors or have concerns, we encourage you to reach out to us immediately. You can contact the official BBT Fitness team at A simple message to say hello can brighten our day!


Respect for Our Team

We kindly request that you treat all BBT Team members with respect. They work tirelessly to provide you with the highest quality service every day. Your respect and consideration significantly contribute to maintaining a positive and welcoming environment.

These policies are designed to cultivate a respectful, efficient, and supportive atmosphere at BBT Fitness. If you have any questions or require further assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to us via our official communication channels. We appreciate your membership and thank you for being a part of our BBT Fitness family!



BBT Fitness prides itself on fair and equal billing policies and guidelines for all Members.  During BBT Success consultations all members have the opportunity to choose the best training options for themselves.  All training agreements are reviewed by the BBT Sales Rep, and members are given the opportunity to review further and ask questions prior to signing the training agreement.  

Members are empowered to choose the billing date that best suits their needs. 

BBT Billing Guidelines: 

All Billing at BBT Fitness is done through Autopay and BBT members are billed in accordance with the training agreement signed. BBT strives to make billing convenient and easy for all members!  Here are some ​BBT Billing Quick Facts

Note: you Must Come back from your suspension



BBT Fitness Cancellation Policy

We understand that circumstances can change, and you may need to cancel your training program with BBT Fitness. Here's an overview of our cancellation policy to ensure clarity and transparency:

Cancellation Basics:

Official Notice Cancellation:

To initiate a cancellation, it must be done through official channels:

  1. Email Notice: Send your cancellation request via email to the registered email on the training agreement at

  2. Jotform Completion: Complete the BBT Termination form found on the BBT Fitness website. This form serves as an official cancellation notice.

No Verbal Cancellations:

We do not accept cancellations through verbal communication, whether in person, over the phone, or via social media. Verbal cancellations, including conversations or notifications to coaches, are not considered official.

30 Days Notice:

As per the BBT Training Agreement, cancellations must be received at least 30 days before the intended cancellation month. Failure to provide timely notice will result in additional nonrefundable monthly charges.

Final Month Processing:


Cancellation Types:

Early Cancellation:

If you wish to cancel your training program before its completion, you have the option to do so. Refer to your training agreement for program-specific details:

Early Termination Fees: Members who terminate their training agreement early will incur a one-time early cancellation fee based on the agreement type. This fee clears all remaining balances on the training program and closes the account:

Early Cancellation Fee

  • BBT Conditioning Early Cancellation Fee: (BBT Bootcamp/ BBT Conditioning): $150

  • BBT Fitcamp/ BBT Strength & Conditioning Early Cancellation Fee: $300

  • BBT Personalized Performance Early Cancellation Fee:: $450

Month to Month Cancellations:

Members with Month-to-Month Training agreements can cancel with a 30-day notice and a final processing fee.

Non-Renewal Cancellation:

Notify us at least 30 days before your training program's renewal date if you intend not to renew. Failure to do so will result in continued billing.

Failure to Cancel:

If you do not cancel your program, your account will remain active, and all incurred fees must be paid to close your BBT Fitness account.

3rd Party Account Services:

Accounts delinquent for more than 60 days may be transferred to a 3rd party account service for the remaining agreement balance.

Medical Cancellations:

If you have medical reasons requiring cancellation, please reach out to us. We may require documentation to process your cancellation appropriately.

ReLocation Cancellations:

If you're relocating and cannot continue with your training program, contact us for assistance in processing your cancellation.

BBT Fitness is committed to maintaining transparent and fair policies for all members. If you have any questions or need to initiate a cancellation, please follow the official procedures outlined in this policy. We appreciate your understanding and commitment to our guidelines.



In the event a BBT Member elects to cancel his/her training program, Please be aware of the following: By commitment to the BBT Fitness training agreement, or any part thereof, the BBT member shall be charged a breaking fee and/or final months processing fee. Member authorizes BBT Fitness, LLC to charge or draft against the Member's credit card as follows:

BBT Cancellation Basics:

Official Notice Cancellation

  • Email Notice: All cancellations request must be made by official notice to the registered email on the training agreement ( or by completion of the BBT Termination form Jotform found on the BBT Fitness website. BBT DOES accept email notices as required in the BBT Training Agreement

  • Jotform Completion: BBT DOES accept Jotform notices as required in the BBT Training Agreement

  • Official Communication: Under no circumstances will BBT Fitness accept verbal cancellations, both in person or over the phone, cancellations through social media accounts, or cancellations through any other means.

    • ​BBT DOES NOT cancellations of BBT Training Programs through phone call. 

    • BBT DOES NOT accept cancellations of BBT Training Programs through any form of Social Media methods, such as Direct Messages (DM's), commons, etc.

    • BBT DOES NOT accept cancellations of BBT Training Programs through verbal communication such as conversations, notifying coaches, etc.

    • BBT DOES NOT accept cancellations of BBT Training Programs through postal mail notice of training program cancellations. ​​​

  • 30 Days Notice: Per the BBT Training Agreement, a notice of cancellation must be received no later than the 30 days prior to the month in which cancellation is intended. Failure to issue a timely notice will result in additional monthly draft/charges, which shall be nonrefundable.​

  • Final Month Processing: 

BBT Cancellation Types: 

Early Cancellation:

  • Early Cancellation: Any member who wishes to cancel their training program early has the option. Please see the terms of your training agreement for program buy-out if you have not selected a month-to-month program. ​

  • Early Termination Fees: BBT members who terminate their training agreement will be charged a one-time early cancellation fee based on their training agreement. The early termination fee waives all remaining balances on the training program and closes the training account.

    • BBT Bootcamp/ BBT Conditioning- $150 

    • BBT Fitcamp/ BBT Strength & Conditioning- $300

      • ​(Ex: A 12 Month Strength & Conditioning Program billed at $199/ Month & totaling $2,388.00 can be canceled in the 3rd month with a 30-day notice & payment of an early termination fee of  $300. This will wipe the remaining balance of $1,791.00 from the individual account and close the account. 

    • BBT Personalized Performance- $450 

Month to Month Cancellations:

  • ​Month to Month Cancellations: BBT Members in Month-to-Month Training agreements will have the opportunity to cancel by giving a 30-day notice and paying a final processing fee. ​​

  • Non-Renewal Cancellation: BBT Fitness requires a 30-day notice of cancellation for individuals looking to cancel their account prior to starting their training program. This form can be completed on the website or through the BBT Office Failure to notify the BBT Brand of non-renewal will result in continual billing on the individual account.

  • ​Failure to Cancel: Any member who does not cancel their program will maintain an active account with BBT Fitness. All fees incurred by the billing company must be paid to close out a BBT Account.

  • 3rd Party Account Services: Any member whose account is delinquent for more than 60 days may have an account placed in 3rd party account service for the remaining agreement balance.

  • Medical Cancellations:

  • ReLocation Cancellations: 



BBT Fitness Commitment to Fairness Policy

At BBT Fitness, our core values are built upon integrity, transparency, and equal treatment for all. We are committed to providing an inclusive and supportive environment where every member is treated with fairness and respect. Our commitment to fairness is unwavering, and we uphold these principles:

Equal Treatment:

We believe that every member, regardless of their background, age, fitness level, or any other characteristic, deserves equal opportunities and respect. Discrimination or preferential treatment based on any factor is strictly prohibited.


Consistent Policies:

BBT Fitness adheres to consistent policies and guidelines for all members. No special privileges or exceptions will be granted to any individual, ensuring a level playing field for everyone.

Open Communication:

We encourage open and honest communication with our members. If you have any concerns or believe that fairness is not being upheld, we urge you to reach out to our staff or management. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us maintain our commitment to fairness.

Fair Access:

All members have equal access to our facilities, programs, and services. We do not tolerate any actions that hinder or restrict access to these resources based on unfair biases.

Respectful Environment:

BBT Fitness is dedicated to fostering a respectful and inclusive atmosphere where diversity is celebrated. Harassment, bullying, or any behavior that disrespects others will not be tolerated.


Our staff and management are accountable for upholding our commitment to fairness. If any member of our team fails to do so, appropriate actions will be taken to rectify the situation and prevent recurrence.

Continuous Improvement:

We are dedicated to continuously improving our policies and practices to ensure fairness in all aspects of our operations. Feedback from our members is crucial in this process.

By choosing BBT Fitness, you are joining a community that values fairness and inclusivity above all else. We are committed to providing a positive and equitable fitness experience for each and every member.

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