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BBT Brand

BBT Policies:

At BBT Fitness, we're driven by a clear mission: to offer top-quality fitness training while upholding the highest standards of fairness and ethical business conduct. Our goal is simple - to create an environment where everyone can achieve their fitness aspirations with confidence and integrity. In pursuit of this vision, we've established a set of policies that outline our commitment to our members, partners, and the greater community. These policies guide our actions, ensuring that our operations remain transparent, respectful, and in alignment with our core values. Discover the principles that drive BBT Fitness and help us in building a community rooted in trust, respect, and excellence.

 BBT Fitness Overview

Why does BBT Fitness have Guidelines and Policies?

BBT Fitness, like any organization, establishes guidelines and policies for several important reasons:

  1. Safety: Guidelines and policies ensure the safety of employees, clients, and visitors. They define proper procedures and practices to prevent accidents or injuries during workouts, training sessions, and other activities.

  2. Consistency: Guidelines and policies provide a standardized framework for operations. They ensure that all employees follow the same procedures and adhere to consistent practices, promoting fairness and equity within the organization.

  3. Quality Assurance: These guidelines help maintain the quality of services provided by BBT Fitness. By establishing best practices, the organization can deliver a consistent and high-quality experience to its clients.

  4. Customer Satisfaction: Consistency and adherence to policies can enhance customer satisfaction. Clients know what to expect when they engage with BBT Fitness, which can lead to higher levels of trust and customer loyalty.

In summary, guidelines and policies serve as a framework for the effective and ethical operation of BBT Fitness. They help ensure safety, quality, compliance, and efficiency while also reinforcing the organization's values and promoting accountability.



Entrance and Exit:

  • Please use the front door for entry and exit; avoid the garage or back doors.


  • Arrive at least 5 minutes early for your scheduled class. If you'll be over 15 minutes late, consider joining the next available session.

Child Safety:

  • Children 4 and older can be in the lobby if they can entertain themselves. Parents, please clean up after them. We don't supervise during training.

Parking Courtesy:

  • Avoid parking in spots for other businesses, in front of other buildings, or double parking.

BBT Friend Policy:

  • Members can bring a friend for one free visit; confirm with staff, and guests must complete waivers.


  • Review our billing policies; we strictly adhere to them.

Training Agreement:

  • We offer a Tier 2 Training Program based on an agreement; you'll receive it via email when you join.

Thank you for your attention to these policies, which ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.



Gym Policies:

  1. Carry In, Carry Out: Please take your belongings with you after your class to keep the gym tidy.

  2. Respect for All: Show respect to our BBT Team members for a pleasant environment.

  3. Clean Up: After your training session, clean your station for the next member.

  4. Communication: Open communication with your coach helps tailor your training to your needs.

  5. Stay Positive: Maintain a positive atmosphere; avoid negative talk.

  6. Jewelry Safety: Keep jewelry off the gym floor to prevent accidents.

  7. Give Your Best: Push yourself, modify when necessary, but strive for progress.

  8. Phone Etiquette: Refrain from phone use during training sessions.

  9. Be Coachable: Come ready to work on yourself with a positive attitude.

  10. Support Your Team: Encourage and support your BBT teammates.

BBT Coaching Team:

Our dedicated Coaching Staff is here to support your fitness goals. Contact for assistance.

Facility Rules:

Follow COVID-19 safety guidelines on our premises.

Weight Room Rules:

  1. Safety First: Teens must have supervision. Follow exercise guidelines and warnings.

  2. Proper Attire: No cleats or jewelry; use spotters for free weights.

  3. Clean Up: Return weights; no running or horseplay.

  4. Safety Protocols: Follow staff instructions, and stop if you feel unwell.

Weight Room Cleanliness:

Wipe down equipment after use, no food/drinks on the floor.

Training Turf Rules:

  1. Footwear: Athletic shoes only; no metal cleats.

  2. Hydration: Only water is allowed on the turf.

Not Allowed:

  • No spitting, food, gum, seeds, or tobacco.

  • No beverages except water.

  • No sharp objects, jewelry, or pets.

These policies ensure a safe, respectful, and positive gym environment. Contact us with any questions; your compliance enhances the gym experience for all.



Official Communication Only!

Please use official communication channels for business matters: or Jot Forms. Avoid texting, calling, or Direct Messaging trainers or staff regarding gym account issues.


We offer various solutions for member needs, including training, nutrition, results, billing, and cancellations/suspensions. Contact a BBT Staff member to explore these options.

Program Suspension:

Members can pause their training program for 30-60-90 days with a 15-day notice. Additional suspensions may incur fees.

Program Cancellation:

Cancellations require a 30-day written notice via email to Breaking fees apply within the initial agreement period, with payment plan options for financial difficulties.

Change Your Mind?

Options include a one-time program restart within 30 days or a program non-start fee with the BBT Operations department.

We're Human!

Contact us immediately if there's a mistake. Reach out to for any inquiries or just to say hi!

Be Respectful:

Show respect to our hardworking BBT Team members who provide quality service daily!



Please use or Jot Forms for communication. Avoid contacting trainers or staff on social media.

Effective Communication: Contact a BBT Staff member for assistance with training, nutrition, billing, or cancellations.

Program Suspension: Request 30, 60, or 90-day suspensions with 15-day notice. Late requests evaluated case-by-case, may incur fees.

Program Cancellation: Provide a 30-day written notice via email at Breaking fees apply for early cancellation.

Change Your Mind? Options: One-time Program Restart (within 30 days), Program Non-Start (fee applies, contact BBT Operations).

We're Human: This just means sometimes we make mistakes  Report errors or concerns to

Respect for Our Team: Treat BBT Team members with respect and consideration.

These policies create a respectful, efficient, and supportive atmosphere at BBT Fitness. Contact us via official channels for assistance. Thank you for being part of the BBT Fitness family!



BBT Fitness is committed to ensuring fairness and quality in our billing policies and guidelines for all members. During BBT Success consultations, every member has the opportunity to select the training options that align with their preferences. Our dedicated BBT Sales Representatives review all training agreements, providing members with the chance to thoroughly examine and inquire about any aspects before finalizing the agreement.


We believe in empowering our members, allowing them to choose the billing date that suits their individual needs.

BBT Billing Guidelines:

At BBT Fitness, we utilize Autopay for all billing, aligning with the terms outlined in the signed training agreement. Our aim is to make the billing process convenient and straightforward for all our valued members. Here are some essential BBT Billing Quick Facts.

Note: Following a suspension, it is important to return to your training program as scheduled.



  1. Use official channels: Email your cancellation request to or complete the BBT Termination form on our website.

  2. No verbal cancellations are accepted.

  3. Provide 30 days' notice as per the BBT Training Agreement.

Cancellation Types:

  • Early Cancellation: Fees apply based on your program type.

    • BBT Conditioning: $150

    • BBT Fitcamp/Strength & Conditioning: $300

    • BBT Personalized Performance: $450

  • Month-to-Month Cancellations: Require a 30-day notice and a processing fee.

  • Non-Renewal Cancellation: Notify us 30 days before renewal to avoid continued billing.

  • Failure to Cancel: Unattended accounts will incur fees until closed.

  • 3rd Party Account Services: Delinquent accounts may be transferred after 60 days.

  • Medical Cancellations: Contact us with medical documentation.

  • Relocation Cancellations: We can assist with cancellations due to relocation.

We aim for transparency and fairness in our policies. Follow official procedures for cancellations. Thank you for your commitment to our guidelines.



In the event a BBT Member elects to cancel his/her training program, Please be aware of the following:

By commitment to the BBT Fitness training agreement or any part thereof, the BBT member shall be charged a breaking fee and/or final month processing fee. Member authorizes BBT Fitness, LLC to charge or draft against the Member's credit card as follows:

BBT Cancellation Basics:

Official Notice Cancellation

  • Email Notice: All cancellation requests must be made by official notice to the registered email on the training agreement ( or by completion of the BBT Termination form Jotform found on the BBT Fitness website. BBT DOES accept email notices as required in the BBT Training Agreement

  • Jotform Completion: BBT DOES accept Jotform notices as required in the BBT Training Agreement

  • Official Communication: Under no circumstances will BBT Fitness accept verbal cancellations, both in person or over the phone, cancellations through social media accounts, or cancellations through any other means.

    • ​BBT DOES NOT cancellations of BBT Training Programs through phone calls. 

    • BBT DOES NOT accept cancellations of BBT Training Programs through any form of Social Media methods, such as Direct Messages (DM's), commons, etc.

    • BBT DOES NOT accept cancellations of BBT Training Programs through verbal communication such as conversations, notifying coaches, etc.

    • BBT DOES NOT accept cancellations of BBT Training Programs through postal mail notice of training program cancellations. ​​​

  • 30-day notice: Per the BBT Training Agreement, a notice of cancellation must be received no later than the 30 days prior to the month in which cancellation is intended. Failure to issue a timely notice will result in additional monthly drafts/charges, which shall be nonrefundable.​

  • Final Month Processing: 

BBT Cancellation Types: 

Early Cancellation:

  • Early Cancellation: Any member who wishes to cancel their training program early has the option. Please see the terms of your training agreement for program buy-out if you have not selected a month-to-month program. ​

  • Early Termination Fees: BBT members who terminate their training agreement will be charged a one-time early cancellation fee based on their training agreement. The early termination fee waives all remaining balances on the training program and closes the training account.

    • BBT Bootcamp/ BBT Conditioning- $150 

    • BBT Fitcamp/ BBT Strength & Conditioning- $300

      • ​(Ex: A 12-Month Strength & Conditioning Program billed at $199/ Month & and totaling $2,388.00 can be canceled in the 3rd month with a 30-day notice & and payment of an early termination fee of  $300. This will wipe the remaining balance of $1,791.00 from the individual account and close the account. 

    • BBT Personalized Performance- $450 

Month to Month Cancellations:

  • Month-to-Month Cancellations: BBT Members in Month-to-Month Training agreements will have the opportunity to cancel by giving a 30-day notice and paying a final processing fee. ​​

  • Non-Renewal Cancellation: BBT Fitness requires a 30-day notice of cancellation for individuals looking to cancel their account prior to starting their training program. This form can be completed on the website or through the BBT Office Failure to notify the BBT Brand of non-renewal will result in continual billing on the individual account.

  • ​Failure to Cancel: Any member who does not cancel their program will maintain an active account with BBT Fitness. All fees incurred by the billing company must be paid to close out a BBT Account.

  • 3rd Party Account Services: Any member whose account is delinquent for more than 60 days may have an account placed in 3rd party Collection service for the remaining agreement balance.

  • Medical Cancellations:

  • Relocation Cancellations: 



BBT Fitness Commitment to Fairness Policy

At BBT Fitness, our core values are built upon integrity, transparency, and equal treatment for all. We are committed to providing an inclusive and supportive environment where every member is treated with fairness and respect. Our commitment to fairness is unwavering, and we uphold these principles:

Equal Treatment:

We believe that every member, regardless of their background, age, fitness level, or any other characteristic, deserves equal opportunities and respect. Discrimination or preferential treatment based on any factor is strictly prohibited.


Consistent Policies:

BBT Fitness adheres to consistent policies and guidelines for all members. No special privileges or exceptions will be granted to any individual, ensuring a level playing field for everyone.

Open Communication:

We encourage open and honest communication with our members. If you have any concerns or believe that fairness is not being upheld, we urge you to reach out to our staff or management. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us maintain our commitment to fairness.

Fair Access:

All members have equal access to our facilities, programs, and services. We do not tolerate any actions that hinder or restrict access to these resources based on unfair biases.

Respectful Environment:

BBT Fitness is dedicated to fostering a respectful and inclusive atmosphere where diversity is celebrated. Harassment, bullying, or any behavior that disrespects others will not be tolerated.



Our staff and management are accountable for upholding our commitment to fairness. If any member of our team fails to do so, appropriate actions will be taken to rectify the situation and prevent recurrence.

Continuous Improvement:

We are dedicated to continuously improving our policies and practices to ensure fairness in all aspects of our operations. Feedback from our members is crucial in this process.

By choosing BBT Fitness, you are joining a community that values fairness and inclusivity above all else. We are committed to providing a positive and equitable fitness experience for each and every member.

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