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What is the BBT Weekendz Elite Membership?

BBT Weekendz Membership

Membership: BBT Weekendz Elite Accountability Membership (M2M)
​First Month: $164.99/ Monthly
Each Additional Month: ONLY $109.99/ Monthly

​Join the Hottest club in the City! The BBT week

  • Unlimited BBT Weekendz Classes: Enjoy over 10 high-energy classes each week, from yoga m dance fitness to recovery classes

  •  designed to keep you motivated and on track. ($800 of Value)

  • Exclusive Members-Only Facebook Group: Connect with like-minded individuals, share your progress, and find support in our vibrant online community.

  • Mental Health Development & Training with Dr. Rah: Benefit from expert guidance to enhance your mental well-being and resilience.

  • Team Accountability Coaching Calls: Stay accountable with regular coaching calls, ensuring you stay committed to your goals.

  • Daily 45-Minute Fitness Program (Mon.- Fri.): Kickstart your weekdays with a structured and effective fitness routine.

  • Weekly Health Challenges: Participate in fun and engaging challenges to keep your health journey exciting.

  • Free & Discounted BBT Weekendz Merchandise: Enjoy exclusive deals on our premium fitness gear and merchandise.

  • Exclusive Member Outings: Strengthen your sense of community with special outings and events designed for members only. (Community Service Events, Members Outings & More)

  • Monthly Self-Accountability Assessments: Track your progress and set new goals with our regular self-assessment tools.

Join BBT Fitness Today! 

Not Sure Yet? Take Our BBT Weekendz Assessment!

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS: BBT Elite Accountability Membership!

  • How do I land an internship with BBT Fitness
    Go to the BBT Fitness Website and Apply for the Postion
  • Do I need certifications to join BBT Coaching Staff?
    While certifications are valued, we recognize that passion, care, drive, and dedication are equally important. Even if you don't currently hold a certification but embody these qualities, you may still be the perfect fit for our coaching staff.
  • What is the mission of BBT Fitness?
    Our mission at BBT Fitness is to make quality fitness accessible to all. Whether you join us full-time or part-time, you become an integral part of this mission, contributing to the positive transformation of lives through fitness.
  • What kind of career opportunities does BBT Fitness offer?
    At BBT Fitness, we provide full-focus career opportunities for individuals passionate about fitness and wellness. These roles involve dedicating your skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm to help our members achieve their fitness goals. We also offer part-focus career opportunities for those who may not be ready for a full-time commitment, providing flexibility to balance your fitness career with other life commitments.
  • What qualities are you looking for in BBT Coaching Staff?
    We are not just seeking individuals with certifications; we are looking for passionate souls who live and breathe fitness. We value drive, motivation for constant improvement, the willingness to go the extra mile, and a deep commitment to helping our members succeed. Success at BBT Fitness is not just about personal achievement; it's about helping our members win and making a positive impact in their lives.
  • How can I apply for a career at BBT Fitness?
    To apply for a career at BBT Fitness, please visit our official website or contact our human resources department for information on current job openings and the application process.
  • What sets BBT Fitness apart as an employer in the fitness industry?
    BBT Fitness values passion, drive, and dedication. We prioritize not only personal achievement but also the success and well-being of our members. Joining BBT Fitness means becoming part of a community-driven mission to positively impact lives through fitness.
  • How will I contribute to the BBT Fitness community in a part-time role?
    Even in a part-focus role, you will play a crucial part in our mission to promote health and wellness in our community. Your contributions, whether through part-time coaching or specialized training sessions, will make a real difference in our members' lives.
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