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THE BBT "100" Referral Challenge!


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BBT Brand

The BBT 100 Referral Challenge!: BBTvember Edition! 

"Are you interested in not just transforming your own life through fitness but also making an impact in the lives of your friends and family? Do you believe in the power of community and want to get rewarded for spreading the message of better health? If so, BBT has an exciting opportunity for you!

As January approaches, millions of Americans are gearing up to embrace the new year with fresh goals and aspirations, especially in the realm of health and fitness. It's a time when we all aim to become the best versions of ourselves, shedding those extra pounds, boosting our energy, and gaining a new zest for life. But, more often than not, the journey to fitness success can be a daunting one, and many of us struggle to stay on track.

Introducing the BBT 100 Referral Challenge – an incredible chance to get paid for your relationships while helping others embark on their fitness journey. As we embrace a season of homecoming, we've decided to launch this fantastic challenge. Scroll down to discover more about how you can be a part of it."

Wait...But Why?

Why BBT Fitness runs the BBT 100 Referral Challenge?

At BBT Fitness, we believe in rewarding our valued members for helping us grow our fitness community. Throughout the year, we invest in advertising on platforms like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and others to attract new clients. With the BBT 100 Challenge, we're giving you the opportunity to earn money by referring your friends, family, and coworkers to BBT Fitness.

Instead of spending that advertising budget on social media sites, we'd rather put that money in your pocket. When you refer someone to our coaching program and they sign up, you'll earn a cash reward as a token of our appreciation. It's our way of saying thank you for helping us find amazing individuals who want to join our fitness journey. So, join the BBT 100 Challenge today and start earning while you help us build an even stronger BBT Fitness Community.

What is BBT Fitness

How The BBT Referral Program Works!

"At BBT Fitness, we've made it incredibly easy for our valued members to participate in our referral program. It's as simple as searching through your contacts, sharing our referral flyers, and thinking of anyone who might benefit from experiencing a BBT Fitness North workout. The best part is, you don't need to determine their level of interest beforehand because you never truly know until they come and try a session. So, we encourage you not to hold back in referring as many people as possible!

Our referral program is all about sharing the amazing experience you've had at BBT Fitness with your friends, family, colleagues, or anyone in your network who's looking to kickstart their fitness journey. We've created a welcoming and empowering environment, and the only way to truly understand its impact is to step inside. By referring others, you're not just inviting them to a workout; you're inviting them to discover a supportive community, personalized fitness plans, and the potential for transformative results. So, go ahead and reach out to everyone you can think of; you might just be helping them find their fitness haven at BBT Fitness North!"

Payout Dates: 

As a valued member of the BBT Fitness family, we want to make sure you're fully informed about the payout dates in our exciting BBT 100 Referral Challenge. This challenge is your chance to earn rewards for referring your friends, family, and colleagues to experience the incredible world of BBT Fitness.

These payout dates are like milestones in the challenge. They're the days when your hard work pays off, and you receive your well-deserved rewards. We're committed to making sure you're recognized for your efforts in helping us welcome new members to BBT Fitness.

  1. November 26th - First Payout Date: 

  2. December 15th - 2nd Payout Eligible Date:

  3. December 31st - Final Payout Date: 

How It Works

As a valued member of BBT Fitness, you have the opportunity to refer your friends, family, and colleagues to experience a free BBT workout. When they decide to join our fantastic fitness community, you'll reap the rewards!

  1. Check Your Contacts: Go through your contacts and share the flyer below on your social Media. Remember, the more you share and post, the more people will become interested! 

  2. Refer Everyone Who MAY be interested: Refer your friends, family, or colleagues to BBT Fitness for a FREE workout. Remember, BBT Fitness has a program for everyone! 

  3. Fill Out BBT Jotform: Visit BBT's Jotform.

  4. Earn Credit: When they sign up, you'll receive credit.

  5. Get Rewarded: On our BBT Payout dates, you'll receive your Cash Reward!

Start Referring Today!


Make 2024 Your Year... And your Friend's Year Too!

As we get ready to kick off the new year with the BBT 100 Challenge, remember your friends, family, social media followers, and coworkers are always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to get in shape for the new year. And this year, instead of them choosing Planet Fitness, Fitness Connection, or Crunch Fitness, all we ask is that you vouch for BBT Fitness! It's the place where you train, grow, and love every moment.

By recommending BBT Fitness, you're not only introducing them to the potential for their best fitness journey in 2024, but you're also earning cash for yourself through the BBT Fitness Referral Challenge. We can't wait to see how many people you'll refer!



  • How do I land an internship with BBT Fitness
    Go to the BBT Fitness Website and Apply for the Postion
  • Do I need certifications to join BBT Coaching Staff?
    While certifications are valued, we recognize that passion, care, drive, and dedication are equally important. Even if you don't currently hold a certification but embody these qualities, you may still be the perfect fit for our coaching staff.
  • What is the mission of BBT Fitness?
    Our mission at BBT Fitness is to make quality fitness accessible to all. Whether you join us full-time or part-time, you become an integral part of this mission, contributing to the positive transformation of lives through fitness.
  • What kind of career opportunities does BBT Fitness offer?
    At BBT Fitness, we provide full-focus career opportunities for individuals passionate about fitness and wellness. These roles involve dedicating your skills, knowledge, and enthusiasm to help our members achieve their fitness goals. We also offer part-focus career opportunities for those who may not be ready for a full-time commitment, providing flexibility to balance your fitness career with other life commitments.
  • What qualities are you looking for in BBT Coaching Staff?
    We are not just seeking individuals with certifications; we are looking for passionate souls who live and breathe fitness. We value drive, motivation for constant improvement, the willingness to go the extra mile, and a deep commitment to helping our members succeed. Success at BBT Fitness is not just about personal achievement; it's about helping our members win and making a positive impact in their lives.
  • How can I apply for a career at BBT Fitness?
    To apply for a career at BBT Fitness, please visit our official website or contact our human resources department for information on current job openings and the application process.
  • What sets BBT Fitness apart as an employer in the fitness industry?
    BBT Fitness values passion, drive, and dedication. We prioritize not only personal achievement but also the success and well-being of our members. Joining BBT Fitness means becoming part of a community-driven mission to positively impact lives through fitness.
  • How will I contribute to the BBT Fitness community in a part-time role?
    Even in a part-focus role, you will play a crucial part in our mission to promote health and wellness in our community. Your contributions, whether through part-time coaching or specialized training sessions, will make a real difference in our members' lives.
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