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BBT Online Challenges


Online Challenges

BBT Online Challenges: Who Should Join.

BBT Challenges were designed for all fitness levels to have. Whether you are seasoned fitness goer looking for a challenge or a newcomer looking for a start, BBT Challenges is right for you!

BBT Online Challenges: What You Get!

  • Instructional videos for all exercises 

  • Workout schedule and guide

  • Realistic clean eating grocery

  • Flexible "On You" training schedule 

  • BBT Homework for Extra Results

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BBT Results

Life is about Results... That's why we produce!

How BBT Challenges Work

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28 Day Training Program

30% Fitness

BBT Online Training focused on the fundamental of training. Online clients can expect to receive training programs centered around their goals. 

Sample Meal Plan

70% Nutrition

Nutrition is nothing to play with. That's why we don't at BBT Fitness. All online training programs come with BBT Fitness nutrition training.


The extra 100%

Lifestyle training is the third comment of BBT Fitness online training. While in the gym training will be the right start, a lifestyle change mandatory for us to get longterm results.

BBT 28 Day Challenges

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All Challenges Begins Every Monday! 


Only $75

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