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    Having issues with your training schedule? Need help with your nutrition? Reach out to the BBTteam and let us help you! 

  • Traveling/Break Checkin

    Going on vacation? Traveling out of town? Let your coaches know and receive the extended help you need! 

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    This is a great place to tell people more about your business, and the services you offer. Want to make this content your own? It's easy.

    Remember, you earn $25 for every successful referral!

    Note: You may receive cash or have $25 applied as a credit to your program.

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  • BBT Morning Block Interest

    Do you like morning training? Join our waitlist for BBT Early Morning Training 

BBT Program Management

  • BBT Program Suspensions

    BBT Fitness is committed to making sure our clients have options when it comes to training. Visit our Training Program Suspensions Page.

  • BBT


    Wait! Before you choose this option we want you to consider these things!

    - Program Change 

    - BBT Suspension Program  

    - BBT 45 reactivation plan! 


  • Sign In to BBT Class

    Click here to sign in to your training program class for the day! 

  • Manage your Mindbody account

    Click here to update your payment information and view your client account! 

  • Contact BBT Office Manager

    Our Office Staff at BBT Fitness are true professionals when it comes to working with our clients and your account.  Contact our staff regarding your account today! 

  • Contact BBT Coaching Staff

    Have questions for your coach? Feel free to email us regarding all of your fitness needs.  

  • Change a Billing Date

    Please Note that all Billing date changes must be made 15 days in advance. 


  • Step 1: BBT Monthly Checkin

    Step 1: Check-in with BBT Coaching Staff with a self-reflective check In. Remember, this is important to gauge your fitness success in your own words!

  • Step 2: Submit Progress Pictures

    Step 2: Submit your progress pictures to our email.

    Note: BBT Members should still upload their pictures to Coaching Catalyst!

  • Step 3: Complete Inbody Composition Testing

    BBT offers free Inbody testing to all members at BBTFitness. (Friends may receive an Inbody test for $25.00)

    Note: Inbody Testing is most accurate when completed in the morning or before a workout.

  • Step 4: Calculate New Macros 

    Each month, your Macronutrients change depending on changes in your weight, training, and goals. Calculate your macros here!

  • Step 5: Refer a Friend!

    BBT Fitness is aa amazing place and we love to connect with your friends and family!  All we need is there name and number and we'll take it from there! 

  • Step 6: Sign Up for a Community Event

    Want to really be successful at BBT Fitness? Join one of our community events and meet our amazing family!

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