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About The BBT Brand

Founded with the purpose of bringing affordable fitness to the Charlotte community, BBT Fitness has kept it's promise by bringing accessible, high-quality training to all. Under the leadership of our Founder and CEO, Tyler Hickey, BBT Fitness has quickly become one of the leaders in Charlotte Fitness! 



BBT Fitness was founded on the principle of affordable, high-quality fitness to everyday people. At our core, we are committed to ensuring that individuals of all ages can receive professional training. With our brand motto of "Better Body, Better Confidence, Better You" we believe that when our members have all three of these attributes they are their best selves.  


The BBT Story

Keep reading below to learn more about the history of BBT Fitness and how we have evolved to the brand you know and love today!




      From there, Tyler’s college clientele steadily started to grow; and he made the choice to officially start Body by T Fitness, offering personal training services that were affordable to college students.  Tyler quickly realized that in order to gain business stability and be able to offer his clients consistent training, that he would need to purchase his own facility. 

The Beginning: Body by T

Body by T Fitness was founded in 2015, by  college student, Tyler Hickey offering training in random apartment complexes to simply make rent payments. Tyler, a native of Wilmington, North Carolina came to UNCC hoping to walk onto UNCC Charlotte’s Football team.  One day, while training in a campus gym, Tyler was approached by a college classmate that wanted assistance with becoming a fitness model.  This is the moment that birthed Body By T. 


BBT Fitness: 1st Private Facility Opens 


      The foundation of BBT Fitness success is centered around Tyler’s passion for training and inspiring individuals in making a lifestyle change through affordable fitness options. One of Tyler’s philosophies is the ‘BBT Triangle Offense’, where we use a 3-phase attack to help each client accomplish their goals.  


 In June 2017, Body by T Fitness opened it's first Strength and Conditioning Facility, in a small 2,000 square foot warehouse in the North Charlotte/University Area. The gym quickly became one of the fastest-growing gyms in Charlotte; so much so, that space became an issue.  On November 18, 2019, BBT Fitness opened its first corporate, 5000 square foot location, BBT Northlake.  



Today, BBT Fitness is one of Charlotte's top Strength and Conditioning Training Facilities. Defined by our signature training programs, BBT set is apart from most fitness programs.  Our success is predicated in our commitment to our clients, high community involvement, and our training philosophy; which is built on having coaches that affect clients 23 hours of the day to help make fitness a lifestyle versus trainers, who only affect a client for the 1 hour they train with them. BBT Fitness is Charlotte’s premier training facility to achieve a Better Body, Better Confidence, and a Better You.


Triangle Offense

No matter if your goal is to lose some extra belly fat, or to gain 15 lbs of muscle; we understand that our clients want results. That's why we have developed the BBT Results Formula; our trademark process for getting client's results. 


THE BBT Core Values 

BBT Fitness was founded on the principle of affordable, high-quality fitness to everyday people. At our core, we are committed to ensuring that individuals of all ages can receive to professional training. With our brand motto of "Better Body, Better Confidence, Better You" we believe that you can receive all of that within our programs! 


Empowerment Through Education

As individuals and professionals, we believe that the only way to truly empower our clients is to educate them. The restless pursuit of knowledge is a cornerstone of the BBT Fitness promise.


Commitment to Self above All Other Things

No relationship ever succeeds without commitment. We expect our clients to be committed to themselves and their fitness goals. Through good times, as well as bad, we set the expectations that there is no excuse to not achieve your goals.


Deliver ‘Results’

There’s a difference between progress and results. “Progress” simply means making improvements from where one was. However, progress does not ensure lasting change. Our goal at BBT Fitness is to get our clients lasting “RESULTS” that stay long after their last session. We know that true transformations are lasting both inside and out, and we strive to deliver a transformation to each of our clients!


Strength in Community

It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a gym community to raise an athlete. We know that by providing our clients a strong gym community we allow our clients the opportunity to grow into the person they are destined to become.


Genuine Dedication to the Success of the BBT Family

We sincerely care about every one of our clients, their aspirations, and their families. We understand that fitness is only a small part of your life, and we believe in your dreams and visions just as much as you do ours.


Have A Transformative Mindset

We are all caterpillars waiting for our transformation. We teach our clients to embrace change and accept hardship because we know that diamonds are forged in fire. Transformations start in the mind and every day is a new day to go out and transform.



Our expert trainers are here to help guyed each individual through their specific needs. EVERYONE gets an amazing workout because of our individualized approach to exercise selection. Beyond workouts, our team uses a total health approach including lifestyle and nutrition guidance. 

Tyler Hickey "Coach T"
Training Director

Tyler is the CEO, and Director of Training at Body by T Fitness. Tyler’s experience as both a college athlete and working as Nutrition Consultant at GNC and Strength & Conditioning Coach at UFC Gym; helped Tyler develop his fitness philosophy into one simple phrase: 60 minutes of nonstop movement.

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Jibril Shakoor

"Coach Bril"

BBT North Head Coach

Coach Jibril received his Bachelor's Science degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where he studied Exercise Science and Africana Studies. He has shadowed and interned in multiple athletic programs including football at UNC Charlotte as well as baseball and soccer at Belmont Abbey College. His love for training stemmed from a childhood of athletics that lead to his participation in numerous high school sports including Basketball, Football, Track & Field, Cross Country, and Soccer.

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Coach Zi
"Coach B"

BBT Aesthetic Director

About Me:

My name is Nazirah Jones, also go by Zi. I am a recent graduate of The University of Pittsburgh with a Masters in Sports Science. As a formal athlete in both High School and College, my passion for human performance is what led me to this profession. I have worked alongside the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for Pitts women’s basketball team, where I assisted in the implementation of all aspects of the women’s basketball strength and conditioning program. I am currently serving in the Army Reserves and have experience helping fellow soldiers achieve their fitness goals to maintain combat readiness. 


Fun Fact About Me:

In my spare time, I am found either drawing or writing poetry. 

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Coach "Shaq"
BBT Coach


Madison Mays
BBT Operations Manager

Madison, Manages Operations and oversees the facility.  She attended Marymount Manhattan College, along with UNC Charlotte.  She has a love of business and fitness, and is excited to take BBT Fitness to the next level.   

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CJ Bradshaw
"Coach B"
Sports Performance Coach

Hi, My name is Christopher Bradshaw better known as (Coach CJ). I was also a former athlete in high school as well as a college athlete at Old Dominion University. I started training at BBT fitness on December 17, 2019, and I haven't looked back. I started training athletes in Kinston NC at my local high school where I educated young athletes on the importance of off-season and in-season training. After leaving Kinston in 2017 I proceeded to begin a career in training here in Charlotte. I started out with training young adults and the rest is history. I love working here at Body By T  the culture here is nothing but amazing.

Fun Fact About Me:

I use to sing in the church choir.  


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