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Welcome to BBT Fitness Careers

At BBT Fitness, we believe that our most valuable asset is our team. We're not just a fitness center; we're a community dedicated to transforming lives, including those of our passionate and dedicated staff. If you're searching for more than just a job and desire a career that empowers you to inspire others, you've come to the right place. Explore the possibilities of joining a team committed to excellence, personal growth, and making a real impact on individuals and communities alike. 


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Join The BBT Team!


At BBT Fitness, we are dedicated to bringing together exceptional fitness enthusiasts who share our passion for making a positive impact on the world through health and wellness. As a renowned Strength & Conditioning training facility in Charlotte, we take pride in our ability to transform lives and foster a strong sense of community while consistently pushing the boundaries of fitness. When you join the BBT Fitness team, you open doors to a world of opportunities where you can carve out a rewarding career within a rapidly growing organization.

BBT Fitness is on the lookout for individuals who are eager to cultivate their skills and embrace our ethos of outperforming the competition. Our team members are committed to helping our members achieve the overarching mission of BBT Fitness: to attain a Better Body, Better Confidence, and ultimately, a Better You! Join us in our quest to redefine fitness and make a lasting difference in the lives of our community members.

If you are interested in joining one of Charlotte’s top Strength & Conditioning Training Facilities that is dedicated to helping our team excel in their professional careers, Please complete the form below! 

BBT Fitness provides equal opportunities to all applicants and employees without regard to legally protected status such as race, color, religion, gender, age, disability, nationality, etc.

Meet the BBT Communty


Designed to Get You Results. At BBT Fitness, our training is designed by science. We will be the first to tell you that we are not a 60-day fast-fad transformation gym. Rather our team of qualified coaches are elite training facility that offers our members a unique chance to reach their goals by making it into a lifestyle. ​

BBT Part Focus Career

At BBT Fitness, our part-focused careers offer a unique opportunity for individuals to specialize and excel in their chosen fitness discipline while maintaining outside work. Whether you're passionate about strength training, conditioning, nutrition, or any specific aspect of fitness, we provide a platform for you to hone your expertise and contribute significantly to our members' fitness journeys. ​ ​ ​