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BBT Personal Training

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Are you interested in one-on-one or small group personal training but aren't sure if it's right for you?​ Do you have specific fitness goals you'd like to achieve? Schedule a FREE Consultation with Coach Jae or Coach Bril! Whether you're new to the gym entirely, looking for additional strength training to supplement your workouts, or a high school or college athlete looking to stay in shape, we have a program that will help you be successful.

Coach T

Availability: Midday & Weekends

Specializes in: Fat Loss, Weight Gain, Aesthetic Development

Coach Bril

Availability: Midday & Weekends

Specializes in: Fat Loss, Weight Gain, Sports Performance

Coach Jae

Availability: Evenings  & Weekends

Specializes in: Fat Loss, Lifestyle Behavioral Change

BBT Coaches

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Frequently asked questions

Can I training inside a training program and personal training?

Yes, BBT Fitness offers hybird programs that allow for members to compelte both training programs and recieve 1-1 coaching.

How is Semi Private training different from BBT Training Programs

BBT Fitcamp Athletes can expect to be challenged everyday by a trained, professional coaching staff. BBT Fitcamp is designed to be our athletes training home as they reach their fitness goals.

How often are client assessments ?

Client assessments are made once a month on the first of the month. Clients progress pictures are taken as well Body fat and body measurements are completed by the BBT Staff upon request. Clients may choose to opt out of any BBT Client assessment.

Can I choose my Semi Private Coach

BBT Semi Private Coaches are assigned by individuals training avaibility and coaches avaibility. However accomemdnates can be made in specific instances.

What if I can't make it the session?

In the event that your not able to make a BBT Bootcamp, all programs are available on the Body by T Fitness apps with videos explanations of individual exercises. You may also communicate with your coach through our app for any other additional instructions .

Can I switch to another program if I don't like

Yes, BBT members may switch programs at any time by talking to the Office manager at any time.


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