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Looking for an Internship in Strength and Conditioning?

... Well Look no further. BBT Fitness is a one-stop shop for all of your development and Career needs.

BBT Fitness is an Urban Strength and Conditioning Facility Specializing in Athletic Training Located in Charlotte, NC. As a start-up company, we understand the importance of learning, growth, and development which is why we invented our internship department.

We got our start on the campus of UNC-Charlotte and recognized the power of internships for young adults and professionals alike. With this in mind, we have built and created an elite internship program for budding professionals to take apart-in to help shape their careers in many different aspects.

What are the internship options?

BBT Fitness has internships in the following categories:

  • General Internship to routes such as Business, Marketing, or Sales.

  • General Training Department Internship: Concentrations in Personal Training, Sports Performance, Aesthetics ( General Population).

What are the Qualifications for receiving an Internship Offer?

  • Once you apply for the internship we will call you for a pre-screening interview. From there- If selected we will offer you an in-person interview. Determinations for internships or Direct hire positions are made from the interviews and reference check process.

Is the Internship Paid or Unpaid?

  • Generally, internships are unpaid, we offer stipends in our fellowship program, and have potential job opportunities available based upon the successful completion of the internship and internship projects. We offer many perks to our interns, and the information that they learn throughout the process is typically valued at ( Insert valuation)

How many hours a week do I have to commit to my internship?

  • BBT Fitness does not offer an average internship, due to its rigor and expectations we are looking for you to commit to the internship for minimally 15 hours a week. We work on a flex schedule and are happy to work around school, or other obligations such as a paid position. The internship does take place at BBT Fitness headquarters but you do have the option to do work on your own time to move along faster in the process.

Is there a job offer or guarantee at the end of my internship?

  • If you are doing an internship-your manager will go through a phase called career mapping. This is where we will sit down review your goals and find which track inside of BBT Fitness will be the right track.

  • If you are doing an externship: We will help map out your next course of action after completing your externship to help you move on to the best path forward.

Do I get to utilize the BBT Fitness Training Programs as an intern?

  • As a perk to our interns at BBT Fitness, you are able to take part in a free membership during your internship! This means you get to participate in BBT Fitness programs and become a part of the BBT Family. This will give you a holistic viewpoint of our programs and what we have to offer our members.

How do I apply?


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