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We bring amazing fitness minds together to make a difference in the world.

At  BBT Fitness, we are proud to be recognized as one of Charlotte’s top Strength & Conditioning training facilities. We produce some of Charlotte’s top transformation stories and results while building community and pushing the envelope. By joining the BBT Fitness team, you will be met with the opportunity to become an integral part of our team while building a successful career with a fast-growing company.


BBT Fitness seeks individuals looking to develop their craft while living our creed of outworking the competition! Our team members' goals are to help our members achieve the mission of BBT Fitness: Better Body, Better Confidence, Better You! 


If you are interested in joining one of Charlotte’s top Strength & Conditioning Training Facility that is dedicated to helping our team excel in their professional careers, Please complete the form below! 


It is the policy of BBT Fitness to provide equal opportunities to all applicants and employees without regard to legally protected status such as race, color, religion, gender, age, disability, nationality, etc.

Why Choose a Carrer at BBT...

BBT Fitness offers a competitive package including: 

- Education 

- Flex schedules 

- Internship 

- Careers 

- Network and resources to grow 

- Full Time and Part-time Positions!

For anyone considering joining our training family, know that ​Our goal is to create a fun, rewarding environment that allows our staff to love everything we have to offer at BBT Fitness. 


BBT Fitness Training Environment

BBT Fitness prides itself as a training facility like no other! From our music in the training session to our coaching staff to our connection to our members, working at BBT Fitness is can be a rewarding career! 

  • State-Of-The-Art Training Facility

  • Amazing Coaching Staff

  • Close-Knit Gym Community

  • Mentorship & Leadership Program

  • Opportunities for Commission

  • Educational Seminars & Workshops

  • And More!



Coaching Certifications 

BBT Fitness Coaching Staff comprises individuals who have either played or coached at a high level, gained professionals certifications (CSCS, ACSM, NASM), and/ or have degrees in exercise, biomechanics, or athletic training. In addition, many of our coaching staff have are former athletes from various sports. BBT Fitness also encourages our coaching staff to complete various internships. We also highly encourage our coaching staff to complete BBT Coaching Education courses in biomechanics, exercise physiology, exercise science, and the practical adaptation of the training programs to meet each or our member goals.

BBT Career





    BBT HEAD COACHES are responsible for overseeing facility operations as well as implement BBT Training programs & protocols. BBT Head Coaches are generally proficient at exercise programming and some sales knowledge. Click below to learn more. 



    BBT ASSISTANT S&C COACHES are responsible for the development and implementation of BBT Training Programs and Protocols as well as working with members to achieve their fitness goals. Click below to earn more!



    BBT Sports Performance Coaches work with BBT Sports Performance Athletes in implementing BBT Training programs. SP Coaches also maintain direct relationship with athletes and to enhance and develop athletic potential 



    BBT Training Assistants assist with training floor operations as well as with member management and member experience. Training Assistants often share responsibility in training session operations.  



    BBT Office managers are responsible for backend operations, facility management, and member experience. BBT Office manager often handles all BBT member request. 



    BBT Office Assistants assist in the BBT Operations Department & member management.


Teaching the Next Generation in Strength & Conditioning, Sports Performance, Buisness!

BBT Fitness is continually looking for innovative minds to change our brands. Our Internship program offers a unique experience to both high school seniors and college students, as well as those looking for a career change in both

entrepreneurship and small businesses.

What is the BBT Internship Program? 

BBT Internships are not your typical internship. Our interns get hands-on experience in their field and daily lessons in entrepreneurship. Our close and personal learning style helps us cultivate a successful learning environment that's needed to help lessons stay acquired long after the internship has ended. 

Who we're looking for? 
BBT Internship is for high school seniors, college students, and those looking for a career change. This internship is not for everyone! We’re looking for students that love fitness and people, and have a passion for putting those two loves together to create a long-lasting relationship with our gym culture.


Who should apply? 

If you’re considering a career in the $80 Billion dollar health & fitness industry, why not learn from the best? We’re turning the industry upside down with our revolutionary approach. Remember, you could apply to work at a ‘big-box’ gym and play it safe, or you can challenge yourself and work with BBT Fitness.



    BBT Fitness offers Strength & Conditioning Internships for individuals interested in coaching, kinesiology or biomechanics. Individuals in the BBT Strength & Conditioning can expect to receive hands-on development to work with members and athletes while learning the world of strength & Conditioning! 


    BBT Fitness offers Business & Operations Internships for individuals looking to learn entrepreneurship, business operations and business management. Individuals in these programs can expect to have both hands-on and practical experience.



    BBT Fitness offers Marketing Internships are designed for individuals looking to learn marketing from a small business perspective. Individuals can expect to receive both hands-on and strategic education on social media marketing, grassroots marketing, and internet marketing. 



    BBT Fitness offers Sales Manager internships for individuals looking to learn sales plans, business operations, and strategic. sales analysis. Individuals in these programs can expect to have both hands-on and practical experience. 

Frequently asked questions

I want to become a coach but I do not have any experience. Can I still apply?

Yes, BBT Fitness offers a Coaching Development Program where individuals can train under BBT Fitness and learn. Indivudals who complete our Phase 2 Coaching Devleopment Program can recieve full scohloarship for acreddittied Coaching Certification of indivudal's choosing.

How do I apply for a job with BBT Fitness?

To apply for a role at BBT Fitness, click the apply button . Please have your resume indcluded with any other pertaintent information! BBT Fitness will generally require

What is the hiring process at BBT Fitness

BBT Fitness uses a 3 interview system. Applicants can expect to be asked to send in a resume & Cover letter along with some form revieable work.

Can I still get hired if I do not meet all of the qualfications?

BBT Fitness prides itself in working the next generation of talent and will often offer internships for indivudals to develop skill sets aquire knowledge. BBT Interns generally have a higher probaility of becoming direct hires.

Does BBT Fitness hire directly?

While BBT Fitness does Direct Hires, it is often common for our staff to have compelte some form of internship. These internships generally last from 1 to 2 weeks!

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