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What's the difference between Fitcamp vs Bootcamp?

So if you are in BBT's Strength and Conditioning program (AKA Fitcamp) you may know that you have access to go to BBT Conditioning ( AKA Bootcamp) classes. You may be asking the age-old question- Will I get the same workout in both classes? What is the difference between the two?

To start the answer is Yes, you will get a great workout with either class! BBT Fitness designed our programs to be high quality and for you to be successful no matter if you are in a Bootcamp class or moving along with your team in Fitcamp.

But what is the real difference?

Bootcamp VS. Fitcamp

BBT Bootcamp is a class. This means you can get started at any time. The class will be different every time and there is no defined objective for what you may want to accomplish. You will gain success from increasing your conditioning and endurance in our fun and fast-paced Bootcamp class but you won't typically have anything personalized. It is a group class environment and everyone works in tandem.

BBT Fitcamp; Is a program. The program has personalized tracks to help you get results to be successful. You can choose from a Fat loss track or a weight training/gaining option. This program is team-style training and you will work with your coach to determine the best team for your results. Coaches are there to ensure your success- this is an outcome-based program and it is our job as much as yours to ensure that you reach every goal you set.


  1. Team style training

  2. More time options

  3. 45-75 minute sessions

  4. Convienent program tracker

  5. Personalized Tracks

  6. Consistent coach in your homeroom


  1. Group Training Class

  2. Coach led

  3. Fast-paced

  4. Conditioning and Endurance program

  5. 55-minute training class

Can I do both programs? 

The answer is, YES! Our Fitcamp Program gives access to Bootcamp classes so you will need to sign up for Fitcamp to access both but that is extremely easy if you don't already have that option.

Most members generally have a preference between fit camp and boot camp plus one of the two is your primary program based on various factors. Regardless we encourage maximizing your membership and attending both programs! It will allow you variety, a chance to meet new people, and an opportunity for a unique experience!


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