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What's the Best Training program for Me?

BBT Fitness is known for our Atheltic Conditioning programs that deliver results and offer accountability.

BBT is conveniently located in North Charlotte, with a wide array of program times that make it easy to never miss a workout! If you ever wanted to train like an athlete, now is your chance. We are one of three gyms in charlotte to offer a gym powered by Keiser Airpowered equipment.

In this blog post, we will discuss BBT Bootcamp, BBT Fitcamp, & BBT Personalized Performance.

BBT Bootcamp

BBT Bootcamp is the perfect blend of community and fitness. Based on principles of metabolic conditioning (training designed for fat loss), our BBT Bootcamp program was designed with two thoughts in mind: Affordability and Effectiveness.

Training Environment:

BBT Bootcamp is for anyone looking for a fun, enjoyable way to train in a group setting while still gaining major results.

Training Duration:

BBT Bootcamp is a 55-minute workout.

Times Offered:

6 AM: Our Early Morning crew of Bootcamp is comprised of dedicated members who are looking to get an early jumpstart to their day!

7 PM: Our Live after five is our evening crew that loves to get lit and have a great evening workout!

BBT Fitcamp

BBT Fitcamp is all about training. One of our most popular programs, BBT Fitcamp is our team-style training athletic conditioning, that offers you "Smart" training with our hybrid training program app.

Training Environment:

The BBT Fitcamp training environment is second to none in the energy on the training floor. From our coaching staff motivating and critiquing you on a floor to our fit camp team members pushing each other on the floor.

Fitcamp Fun Fact: Did you know that BBT Fitcamp members receive access to both BBT Bootcamp and BBT Fitcamp? BBT Fitcamp members often stay for both training sessions for strength training and conditioning training.

Times Offered:

5 AM - BBT Breakfast Club

7 AM - New! BBT Early Risers

9 AM - BBT Early Birds

5 PM - BBT Live After 5

6 PM - BBT Happy Hour

9 PM - BBT Night Owls

BBT Personalized Performance

BBT Personalized Performance is our top-tier program designed to meet our member's needs on an individualized level. Based on independent programming, BBT Personalized Performance is a customized program created to fit members' specific needs.

Training Environment:

Personalized Performance is designed to get results in a semi-private training environment.

Who runs the Session?

BBT Personalized Performance sessions are maintained by a BBT Strength & Conditioning Coach. The coach works with members to implement the training program of the day.

Times Offered:

BBT Personalized Performance times are between 11 AM, 12 PM, 1 PM, 2 PM, 3 PM, and 4 PM. Sessions last from:

30 minutes - BBT Lunchbox Sessions

60 Minutes - Standard training

75 minutes- Advanced Training

Personalized Performance Fun Fact #1: Members who join our personalized performance program often are able to achieve phenomenal results in a short period of time!

Personalized Performance Fun Fact #2: BBT Personalized performance members receive an assigned coach once they enter the training program. The accountability coach assists the members in training, nutrition, and lifestyle!

BBT Fitness is well known as the leading training facility in Charlotte, North Carolina. In order to subscribe to our email list please email!

If you are interested in training at BBT Fitness you can book a free success consultation at the link below


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