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Welcome to BBT Fitness

Hello! My name is Coach Tyler (or Coach T) and I want to welcome you to BBT Fitness. I will be acting as your onboarding coach. be onboarding you into our training program. I wanted to make sure you had everything you needed before you came in.

  1. Submit your Progress Pictures. If you have not done so, please

  2. Complete your macros. Here is the link where BBT Success System

  3. Create your BBT App Group

    1. Download the Body by T Fitness Training App (This is where you will book your training sessions)

    2. Download the Trainheroic App (This is where you will see your training Program)

BBT Success Systems

The BBT Success System is BBT Fitness bread & butter when it comes to getting member's results. By being apart of BBT Fitness, we ask that all members "Buy-In" to the BBT Success System.

What Are Systems?

Systems are practices and processes we use to get things done. Remember, not having a system is a system, just a really inefficient one. Bulk cooking in advance is a system. Laying out your workout clothes the night before is a system. Menu mapping is a system.

Systems help us get what we want on auto-pilot. We just work the system.

Can you set-up any systems in your life to make sure you do the things you want rather than simply relying on motivation.

We apply the 3's of success for our members.

BBT Success System = Schedule + Systems + Schedule

Week Breakdown of Success System

Week 1: BBT Success Week- (Day 1 -7)

Welcome to Week 1 of the BBT Success System aka BBT Success Week. BBT Success Week is by far the most important goal is the

  1. BBT Monthly Checkin

  2. Submit Progress Pictures

  3. Complete Inbody Composition Testing

  4. Calculate Your New Macros

  5. Refer a Friend!

  6. Sign Up for a Community Event

Week 2: BBT Education Week- (Day 8 -14)

Welcome to Week 2 of the BBT Success System aka BBT Education Week. BBT Education week is al about teaching. Our goal As a training program is to always be teaching our members.

  • Fitness Seminars

  • Fitness Workshops

  • Speakers

  • Youtube Videos

  • 1-1 training

  • and more!

Week 3: BBT Community Week: (Day 15 -22)

BBT Community Week is all about the community your gym family.

  • Vendor Fairs

  • Community Service

  • BBT Food Tasting

  • Client Outings

  • Social Mixers and More!

During Bring a Friend Week, We open our training facility up to the community of Charlotte!

Week 4: BBT Grind Week: (Day 23 - Last Day of the Month)

This may just be the most critical week. BBT Grind Week is our all-out sprint to the end of the month.

What you can expect during BBT Grind Week.

  • 7 Day Challenges

  • BBT Homework Sessions

BBT Admin

CLICK HERE For Your Basic Nutrition Documents

BBT Macro Calculator - This will calculate your personal macros

BBT Training Schedule


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