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Top four reasons you may need to suspend your membership!

Are you going through a hard time personally or financially right now? Have you lost your motivation to go to the gym and just need a break to get yourself back on your feet? Today we will explore the top Four times you should suspend your membership instead of canceling it and why it will be beneficial to your training goal.

Number #1: Financial

We have all been there and understand what it's like to get excited and sign-up for something that we really want to do! Being a part of BBT Fitness is important to you, but now you experiencing financial difficulty- loss of job, miscalculation of finances, family obligations, ect! BBT Fitness proactively takes these things into account and offers a viable solution- Our suspension program option.

Number #2: Personal

Life can take some unexpected turns- whether that is major life changes, work obligations, pregnancy, or caring for parents during uncertain times. These are times when you may need a short time away from the gym with the intention of fully resuming once things go back to normal for you. We offer 30, 60, or 90-day suspension options that can be utilized.

Number #3 Medical:

You may be wondering what happens if you get injured or have to undergo surgery? What are some of the options available to you during this time period? BBT Offers our suspension option to all members that need to pause on membership for medical reasons. If you need an extension past the 90-days please submit a doctor note or medical records regarding the extension. The operations department will reach out and confirm or

Number #4: Pregnancy

Congratulations on your new blessing. BBT Fitness expects that many of our female members will experience pregnancy at some point in their journey. Our prenatal program is designed to train you up until the third trimester- at that point, we will put you on to a program suspension for 6 months. After this time we will transition you into our post-partum training program for new moms. This program is designed to keep you active and safe during your recovery period. This program makes your snapback game, as easy as 1, 2,3...!

Facts about suspensions:

  • Suspensions are for members who intend upon returning to their training program. As a bonus BBT Offer's every member a 30-day complimentary suspension in your agreement length.

  • Each member has an additional 60-day's available that can be used consecutively or in 30-day increments. During this time you will be responsible for paying a holding fee in lieu of your normal program pricepoint.

  • Members that suspended instead of cancelling their membership are 100% more likely to reach their training goals because they stuck in the game and didn't give up! `

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