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Suspension Plans at BBT Fitness

Did you know as a member of BBT Fitness you get a complimentary suspension (1 per year)?

To allow you flexibility in your training program, BBT offers 1 suspension, so that you can pause your membership and membership payment for 30 days and return to your program.

What is a suspension?

Common reasons to schedule a suspension:

  • Not being present for the month

  • Injury/Recovery

  • Travel outside of the U.S.

  • Needing a financial pause for 30 days

  • Military Activation

Try out 30-days and give a 30-day notice

  1. Try 30-days + Give a 30-day notice and they can get a reduced termination fee ( Reduced termination fee- Bootcamp 50% off $150-just occurs in this offer)

  2. If they choose not to do either of these offers- they will ;pay all months that they have missed billing cycles. + 30 notice + breaking fee..


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