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Results at BBT: Your Timeline of Results Should You Expect to Be

You may not notice much of a difference after working out with us for a week, but in a few months, you’ll be astonished by the progress you’ve made … especially if you keep track.

Before we move into what type of results you can expect to see,

Internal Results

  • Change in Self Confidence

  • Feeling stronger

  • Better movement

  • increased

External Results

  • Change in pants/dress size

  • Changes in the mirror

  • PR (Personal Record) change

1 Day

After 1 day of training, you will already start seeing results.

Increased Confidence: Your confidence will go up because you made it past the first day.

Increased Social Health- After compelling their first training session, individuals often cite increased social health

7 Days

Increased ability

2 Weeks-

measurable improvements in your strength and fitness

4 Weeks


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