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Phase 1: BBT Onboarding Phase (Acclamation)

Phase 1: BBT Onboarding Phase (Acclamation)

Once you join the BBT training program, our number one job is to get you acclimated and conditioned for the BBT training program. The first training phase of joining our program is called BBT onboarding. This phase is all about experiencing new things and new movements. During this training phase, we will teach you what to expect. The BBT onboarding face is all about learning the fundamentals. This phase will teach you both the BBT environment, allow you to get it activated and adjusted, do your new training program, and get to know the coaches as we help you condition into the BBT coaching program. Remember, this is a period of learning and adjusting to your new fitness home.


  • From the day you join BBT Fitness to Your First Training Session

  • Generally 7 Days to 28 Days depending on your BBT Training Onboarding Program

    • This may change depending on your success during the training program.

What to Expect:

  • During the BBT Onboarding phase, you can expect to begin onboarding and conditioning in the BBT Onboarding training protocol. This program is designed to help you move from a de-conditioned athlete (Individual who has not been active in a while) and help you acclimate to the BBT Training environment. This is extremely critical in helping you learn the new movements.

  • 4 to 12 Training Days

    • Level 3: 4 Days of Onboarding is all you need!

    • Level 2: 8 Days of Onboarding is all you need!

    • Level 1: 12 Days of Onboarding is all you need!

    • Level 0: members who need special accommodations of onboarding

What We Need From You:

  • Complete Your BBT Conditioning Program (1 Week, 2 Weeks, or 4 Weeks)

    • A

  • Complete Your BBT Homework:

    • Hit your BBT Training Homework at least 2x per week

  • Attend your Sessions and Stay Consistent

    • Remember, we can't help you if you're not consistent! We need you to come and be successful in our brand!

  • Tap In to the BBT Network!

    • We have an amazing network of individuals in BBT Fitness! One of the best way to be successful in the BBT Fitness brand is to tap into the BBT Network!

      • Tap into the BBT Facebook Group (If you haven't done so, click here)

      • Tap into the BBT Social Media Channel! (If you haven't done so, click here)

      • Engage in the BBT Trainheroic App! (If you haven't done so, click here to read this article about the BBT Trainheoric App)

  • Develop Your Positive Attitude!

    • One of the most important aspects of success at BBT Fitness is positive mindset and positive.

      • Remember, you are here to get better around people who want to help you!

Bright Spots to Expect:

"Bright spots" refer to positive and successful experiences or moments in a particular journey. In a 100-day journey, bright spots could be a variety of things depending on the context, but some common examples could be:

  1. Achieving a significant milestone or goal

  2. Overcoming a challenging obstacle

  3. Experiencing personal growth or development

  4. Building strong relationships with others

  5. Accomplishing something that you are proud of

  6. Discovering a new interest or passion

  7. Receiving recognition or reward for your efforts

These are just a few examples, but the bright spots in a 100-day journey can be unique to each individual and their experiences. Here are some bright spots you can expect at the end of your onboarding phase:

  • Increase ability in Push Ups: You will be able to do 25 push-ups (Female) or 50 Push up (Male) consistently and with ease

  • Success in Maintaining Your Training Schedule Consistency: You will achieve a consistent training schedule

  • Improvement in Your technique & Form Improvement: You will be able to see improvement in mechanics, form, and technique.

  • New Relationships and Community!

What You Should Have Completed:

  • BBT Success Course (What you Are doing Now)

  • Inbody Initial Check In

  • App Set-Up

    • Trainheroic

    • MyCoach Set Up

    • Inbody App Set-Up

    • BBT App Setup

  • Initial Onboarding Goal Sheet

    • During the onboarding., You'll be completing the BBT onboarding initial goal sheet. This will help us understand who you are what your goals are and your past experiences that help guide your future with BBT fitness.

Challenges You Should Expect:

In Phase 1: BBT Onboarding stage of your journey, it will be common for you to deal with different challenges that arise as you start your fitness journey. Here are some challenges that you should be preparing for in the Phase 1: BBT preparation phase

Challenge #1: You may have Body aches and soreness !

  • Why it happens: Soreness after gym training is a common experience and is known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS). DOMS occurs due to small amounts of damage to the muscle fibers during exercise, causing inflammation and pain. There are several reasons why you should expect soreness after gym training:

  • How to Overcome it:

    • Understand soreness is a part of the adaptation process: Lack of progress:

      1. Part of the adaptation process: As the body adapts to new forms of exercise, it is normal to experience soreness as the muscles get used to the stress. remember this is ok and is quite healthy!

    • Soreness Can be managed: Soreness can be managed through proper recovery techniques, such as stretching, foam rolling, and hydration.

    • Decreases with time: As your body adapts to your workout routine, the frequency and intensity of soreness will decrease.

Challenge #2: Feel that the Program is not Tailored to you or that you can't keep up:

  • Why it happens: a common concern that we see from individuals who are new to their finish journey is a fear of their fitness journey. What is this and what about that. It can often feel like individuals are trying to find any thing that can go wrong to allow them to bow out before they start. However this is another common emotion individuals will face when preparing to start the new fitness journey. Here are some helpful ways to beat it!

  • How to Overcome it:

    • Understand it Stems from a Fear of failure: The fear of not reaching their fitness goals or failing in their journey can be overwhelming and prevent someone from starting.

    • Clearly Assess & Understand your goals: Clearly define your fitness goals and determine how the generic training program aligns with those goals. If your goals are not aligned with the program, consider modifying the program or finding a different program that better fits your goals.

    • Regulate & Monitor your Intensity Over time, your body may adapt to the exercises in the generic program, making it less effective. To combat this, increase the intensity of your workouts by increasing the weight you lift, increasing the number of reps or sets, or reducing the rest time between sets. Remember, Intensity is the golden key to any training program!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is the onboarding phase like from a training perspective?

A: The onboarding Phase in the training program will be designed to help BBT Members condition and prepare for the BBT Training Program! This allows for BBT Members to not only get to know our coaching staff while learning our movement patterns and conditioning, but also build familiarity with our training style and the environment in which they will train.

Q: What if I feel like I do not need onboarding to be ready to train in the BBT Training Program:

A: While it is common for videos of coming to the BBT training program predisposed to the DBT movement patterns and training program, we feel that it is important that every member in our coaching program go through a period of on boarding regardless of their athletic abilities. This ensures that we do not miss a step with individuals and allows everyone to sharpen their fitness skills before being pushed into the BBT Environment!

Q: Does every member have to go through BBT Onboarding?


Q: What is the biggest benefit of going through BBT Onboarding?



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