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BBT Training

BBT Training

This section will detail everything you need to know about BBT Fitness Training. If you can’t find the answer, here don’t forget to look on our client homepage or reach out to your BBT Staff!


  • Always ensure you have clear communication with your trainer; if something is wrong let them know so they can assist you efficiently. They are here for YOU.

  • Come in with a positive mindset every day you come in and give it your all.

  • Once you arrive, begin your dynamic workouts and be sure to check in with your coach and make sure you check out with them when you leave

  • Progress can’t happen overnight. Your presence at the gym will determine your results. Your nutrition is also a key part of your success!

  • Progress pictures are taken every 1st and 15th of the month to track progress your progress

  • Monthly assessments are done which include height, body fat, and body circumference measurements

  • Client Check ins: On the first of every month our clients are asked to send in progress pictures (full back/front/side picture), updated body fat percentages, measurements, and brief testimonials to assess progress and ensure that progress is being made

  • There are 3 programs that you can be a part of: BBT Bootcamp, BBT Fit camp, and BBT High Performance


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