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BBT Onboarding: The Official Onboarding Checklist for BBT Aesthetic New Members!

You've joined the BBT Family! New, let's get you onboarded!

Review Your BBT Training Agreement

  1. Complete their Inbody Test

  2. Complete the BBT New Member Onboarding Form!

  3. Log Into the BBT Nutrition Program

  4. Send Your Before Pictures

  5. Book Your First Training

  6. Download Our Apps

Step 1: Review Your BBT Training Agreement

Take time to click here to review. We know that signing up at BBT Fitness can be a pretty exciting thing. THat's why we have included a PDF Copy of your training agreement summary.

See the Video: Click here to watch the video of the your BBT Agreement Overview

Read the Quick Notes: Click here to review watch the video of the your BBT Agreement Overview

Step 2: Complete their Inbody Test

Make sure you have completed your Inbody assessment and . Note: You may have already completed this step if you attended a BBT Success Consultation!

Step 3: Download the BBT Apps

BBT Fitness has 3 apps that we run our brand from! We suggest making a pod on your home screen to keep them all together!

  • App 1: Body by T Fitness APP (How you Schedule)

    • The BBT Fitness app is where you can see BBT complete schedule, book your sessions, and keep track of any schedule changes!

  • App 2: Trainheroic (How you see the Program)

    • This app houses your BBT Training Program. All Members will have access to Trainheroic and can view your training program daily.

  • App 3: Inbody App (Optional)

    • This app is how you see your Inbody results (The machine you) you use during BBT success week to track your Weight, Body Fat Percentage, and Muscle Mass.

  • App 4: Everfit

    • This will be your home for all thing Nutrition and Lifestyle. All members have access to Everfit and will upload Progress Pictures here.

Step 4: Complete the BBT New Member Form!

Step 5: Log In to Your Nutrition Program powered by Everfit!

Access your BBT Nutrition and Lifestyle App by clicking the link below. Get logged in and starting in your nutrition program!

Step 6: Take & Send Your Before Pictures & Upload them to Everfit

(You will be sending progress pictures in the first week of every month)

• Front Picture

• Side Picture

• Back Picture

Click the link for examples on how to take "before" photos. If you need BBT Fitness staff to take your photos please let us know!

Step 7: Book Your First Training

The final step to you onboarding into BBT Fitness is booking your first training session! This will be completed every time you want to come to BBT Fitness! Need more help? Click here to see how to book your training sessions at BBT Fitness!

1. Download the Body By T Fitness training app, in the app store.

2. Once it has downloaded, open the scheduling app and book your first session!

( This is our way of tracking your attendance and keeping you accountable to coming to weekly sessions!)

Step 8: Complete BBT Onboarding Course

The final step to you onboarding into BBT Fitness is to complete the BBT Onboarding Course. This Course will teach you everything you need to know about BBT Fitness and how to be successful along your Fitness journey.


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