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BBT Office Staff: Everything You Need to Know (Madison fix)

If you haven't met them yet, our office staff is are the wheels that make BBT Turn...

Official Communication Only!

While we love talking and sharing experiences with you all at Body by T Fitness, please only use official communication forums for all business communication. Official Communications forums are ( or Jot Forms). Please DO NOT text/call trainers or staff members regarding business with your gym account.


BBT Fitness believes in helping our members. However, we can only do so through

15/30 Day Notices

BBT Fitness requires 15-day notices for all

We're Human!

While we strive to be superheroes for you, we are human too! If there is ever a mistake, please contact us immediately so we can fix it! The Official contact for BBT Fitness is

Be Respectful

Please be respectful to all BBT Team members so we can ensure you have the best experience every single day!


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