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BBT's New Member Frequently Asked Questions: Edition 1

If you are reading this, you are most likely a new member of the BBT Fitness Community! Welcome... Starting a new fitness journey can be a bit overwhelming. You may be wondering a host of different things such as how often can I train at BBT Fitness, How can my friends join? What should I wear to my first session? What if everyone is staring at me because I can't get through the warm-up? Pause... Take a deep breath. Everything you are feeling is completely normal and you may be experiencing newcomer anxiety.

Ready for the good news?... We are here to help and so is this blog post! We have answered the most frequently asked questions that we receive from new members during the onboarding process. So Let's Dive in:

Q: How many sessions can I come to?

A: You have access to Unlimited Sessions! BBT Fitness offers unlimited training to all programs and encourages our members to come consistently! We will never penalize you for wanting more results!

Q: I have a friend who would like to try BBT Fitness. How can I bring them?

A: BBT Fitness offers a free first session to anyone interested in training at our facility! If your friend becomes a member and uses you as a referral you will receive $25 off of your next month's membership. BBT host a friends and family day every month which is a great time to introduce people in your life to the training program that you attend! These sessions are a great time to bring friends.

Q: What if I am new to lifting weights?

A: All skill levels are welcomed and our coaches are here to ensure that your form is correct and that you are safe during training sessions. Coaches will make modifications based on your skill level and are here to teach you the basics of strength training.

Q: Is there an opportunity to meet people at BBT Fitness?

A: Yes, We have coaching huddles, warm-up times, and the question of the day to help you get to know your peers. We also host a community event each month which will give you another opportunity to socialize outside of your training sessions!

Q: What if I need help with my nutrition?

A: BBT offers a Nutrition Education program with all memberships. our goal is to educate and empower you when it comes to eating. Additionally, you have the opportunity to schedule a goal review to ensure that you stay on track. We will assist you in creating attainable and measurable goals to see your results!

Q: Should I let anyone know if I can not come to a training session?

A: Yes, You can always send us a message on our texting line and we will be happy to send over at-home workouts if needed or continue to keep you accountable to getting to your next session.

Q: How do I book my training session?

A: You will book your training session through the Body By T app. Click this link for Apple Products. Click this link for android products. You will need to complete a password reset and log into your account utilizing your email address on file. From there you will be able to start booking training sessions. Look for the programs on the schedule that align with what you signed up for " Example- Fitcamp".

Q: What if I want to change my training program?

A: If you want to change your training program please schedule a goal review using the following link. In the goal review, you will meet with the Director of Aesthetics to talk about your goals and if we should realign your training program.

Q: How can I track how many calories I am burning during my session?

A: You can track your calories burned during a session by using an apple watch or by opting into our MYZone program. These can be purchased utilizing the following link. You have the option to purchase MZ1 ( Works great but just at BBT Fitness) or MZ2 (Has Bluetooth capabilities and can be connected outside of BBT Fitness.)

Q: What is MyZone?

A: MyZone is a heart rate monitoring device that helps to leverage your training success by tracking and measuring your progress throughout your training sessions. I.E. How many calories you burned in a training session.

Q: Do I have to take my progress pictures?

A: Your progress pictures are for you! It's hard to see every change your body is making on this journey. The change varies- some changes are minor and some are major. Progress photos help keep you accountable for your journey.

Q: Why do I need to do an Inbody every month?

A: The Inbody will provide you with quantitative measures of how you are progressing through your program with BMI, body fat percentage, weight, skeletal muscle mass, and overall changes throughout your fitness journey.

Q: Can my kids come to the gym?

A: All Kids above the age of 4 are allowed to accompany their parents to training sessions. Parents are responsible for maintaining their children's safety at all times. BBT reserves the right to change this policy at any time.

If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to reach out to a BBT Team member. You can also email us at

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