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BBT Aesthetic Members: Everything You Need To Know

  • Aesthetic Members

    • Who are Aesthetic Members: BBT Aesthetic members are focused on seeing change in their body and how they look in the mirror. Here are some common goals we here from our Aesthetic members:

      • Lose Weight

      • Lose Bodyfat

      • Gain Muscle

      • Gain weight (In all the right places)

      • Lean body out.

  • Why Is important to Track: The easiest way to see change in our aesthetic members is pictures! Pictures in the morning, pictures in the evening, pictures in the middle of the night (Respectfully)!

  • How Do We Track:

    • Progress Pictures

    • Inbody Testing for weight (Weight, Body Fat, & Muslce Mass)

    • Inbody Testing for body Fat

    • Inbody Testing for Sketal Muscle Mass

    • BBT Personal Assessment Form

    • Heart Rate Monitors (Myzone, Apple Watch)


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