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Why Your Membership Matters at BBT Fitness

Welcome to BBT Fitness, Charlotte's premier Strength & Conditioning training facility; a place like no other. Home to some of the best training in the Charlotte Area, we pride ourselves on training real, everyday people looking to transform their fitness lifestyle long-term and this is why your membership matters!

Whether your goals are losing 20lbs for your next trip or getting back into the swing of things for the long haul at BBT fitness we provide value to you from the start to finish.

You have to do the work of course, but we have made it easy for your to win.

What do you get from our membership?

Access to our one-of-a-kind environment!

As a member, you are what makes our community great!

Even on those days when we know you do not feel like it, you come in with a positive attitude ready to win the day. That energy is infectious and encouraging to those around you as we are all striving to be 1% better every day.

Whether you choose Personalized Performance, Fitcamp or Bootcamp, Know that your program was designed for your long-term success...

It delights us when you:

  • Schedule your sessions for the week

  • Schedule your goal reviews

  • Use the Inbody to track your progress

  • & Take those progress pictures.

We can see that you are using your membership to the best of your ability and are committed to your OWN success!

Along the way we also provide:

  • Guidance on your 100-day journey

  • High-quality coaching

  • Nutrition programming

  • Accountability on & off the floor in our accountability group!

  • And More!

If there's anything we can do to enhance your experience or you have any questions on how you can get the most out of your membership do not hesitate to see us in the BBT office or shoot us an email at

If you are interested in becoming a member at BBT Fitness where we pride ourselves on helping you reach your goals and providing value from start to finish. Schedule a free success consultation using the link below!


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