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What is BBT Fitcamp? Everything You Need To Know

BBT Fitness is one of Charlotte's elite training facilities known for providing high-quality, affordable Strength & Conditioning Training to the community!

Centered around the culture of Hip- Hop, BBT Fitness has 3 different types of training in our Aesthetic training program. One of our most popular programs is BBT Fitcamp which combines our methodology of fun, team-style training with great coaching and an amazing training facility. Let's take a deeper look inside what BBT Fitcamp is!

Aesthetic Training Definition = Training centered around body composition appearance in the mirror.

BBT Fitcamp is our version of Aesthetic Strength & Conditioning Training. This training program is designed to focus on our member's aesthetic goals while providing all of the health benefits that strength training can offer while bringing like-minded individuals together!

Based on Strength & Conditioning techniques seen in collegiate and professional sports programs, BBT fitness provides a high-class strength and conditioning experience to help members achieve their aesthetic and health goals and get BBT Guaranteed training results! Often known as Charlotte's #1 Strength & Conditioning Environment, BBT Fitcamp is designed to help individuals of all fitness levels reach their training goals!

The BBT Secret Sauce:

Team Training

When you think of collegiate strength training programs, you often think of large teams completing tough workouts. At BBT Fitness our coaching staff specializes in and thrives in training teams or groups between (5-20). We believe that group energy is special and while different athletes may require different programs or coaching styles, they can still train in the same environment under the watchful eye of a coach.

Personalization & Flexibility

Expect to be challenged! With our professionally designed training programs run by our passionate Strength & Conditioning Coaches, We pride ourselves on meeting members and athletes at their training level.

  • A program to meet you at your individual needs

  • A challenging personalized program, designed around your goals

  • Flex scheduled training options are designed to be flexible around your training goals.

The BBT Guarantee:

While we won’t promise you that it’ll be easy, we can promise two things: You’ll work harder than ever before.… and you WILL reach your goals.

BBT Environment

  • Team Atmosphere- One of the biggest draws of BBT Fitcamp is the training environment. As a strength & conditioning training program, our program is built off of the environment. From the music to the coaching staff encouraging coaching cues to your team members' fist bumps after a great set, the BBT Fitcamp environment is different than anything you saw. Here s what you can expect:

  • Small-Group/ Team Training Style: BBT Fitcamp training program trains on a team training style with an emphasis on results. Team training allows our members to move and training

  • Professional Designed Training Program: When you join BBT Fitcamp, our members receive our professionally designed training program designed to help them reach their training goals. No more looking around the gym trying to decide what to do today, BBT has you covered!

  • High Energy, Motivating fast pace Environment: BBT Fitcamp is designed to keep you training at all times. Whether you're in an intense superset with your training group.

  • Professional Coaching Staff: BBT Coaching staff is comprised of professional coaches who are always around to lend a helping hand!

  • Welcoming Atmosphere: What we get. Weight training can be scary and intense! That's why we design our training program to be inclusive and educational. BBT Fitcamp is designed to be for all age groups and fitness levels!

  • Training Sessions Length: BBT Fitcamp is a training session and not a class. This means that 45-75 minutes Training Sessions

Training Program Style

  • Aesthetic Strength & Conditioning Style

  • Monthly Training Cycles

  • Scientific Backed Training Programs

  • Unlimited Training (Monday - Thursday)

  • Results-Oriented Training

Standard BBT Fitcamp Times:

BBT Fitcamp is designed to be your everyday strength & conditioning program for our members

  • 5 AM: Codename: BBT Breakfast Club

  • 7 AM: NEW!

  • 9 AM Codename: Wake & Bake

  • 5 PM Codename: Live after 5

  • 6 PM Codename: Paid in Full

  • 9 PM Codename: Late Night Grind

Commitment Options:

BBT Fitness training options are centered around 2 key concepts: Consistency, convenience, and accountability.

  • Month-to-Month

  • BBT Membership - BBT Fitness offers 4,8,12 or 18-month training options. These options are designed to give you the results and accountability to ensure you reach your goals!

Billing Cycle

BBT Fitness provides our member's convenient and simple billing options so that all you have to worry about is what time you're making it to the gym! Members have the options to be billed by ACH or Credit Card/ Debit Card on the following billing cycles:

  • 1st or 16th

  • Also, Bi-Weekly options are available

Getting Started Getting started at BBT Fitcamp is as easy as 1,2,3. To join the BBT Fitcamp training program simply, click this link to schedule your free success consultation.

BBT Fitcamp Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a better program, BBT Bootcamp or BBT Fitcamp?

This is a question that often gets and the response is always: It depends! response: Both are. BBT Fitcamp is designed to help our members take charge of their training program and results and Bootcamp is also great for beginners who want to train in a group environment and get more in shape.

Q: How does the training program work for me and my goals?

BBT Fitcamp is built on modifications and finding what works for you on an individual level. Our coaching staff is trained to provide progressions and regressions in order to fit your needs.

Q: Can I attend both Fitcamp & Bootcamp?

Yes! BBT Fitcamp members may attend both Bootcamp and Fitcamp programs with their membership!

Q: Does the BBT Fitcamp program come with nutrition?

Yes! BBT Fitcamp comes with our BBT Nutrition Gameplans which include our tried and true nutrition guidelines and sample meal plans.

Q: Do I receive BBT Homework with this program?

Yes! All BBT Bootcamp members will receive our 28-day homework program every month! Make sure you get an A on Homework!

Q: Is BBT Bootcamp better than BBT Fitcamp or BBT Personalized Performance?

At BBT Fitness, no one program is better than the other! We believe that finding the best program fit for you is the best program!


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