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Welcome to BBT Sports Performance Training

BBT Sports Performance Training

Looking for Charlotte’s Premier Strength and Conditioning Training? Join BBT Sports Performance Training and start taking your athleticism training to the next level!

Why BBT Sports Performance

Our studies have proven that working in small groups has been an integral part of getting you going and keeping you coming back. In 5p, we help you develop a winning attitude, a disciplined mind, and confidence you.

What to expect in BBT Sports Performance

Anyone in BBT Fitcamp will tell you that can expect to be challenged. With professional strength coaches that know every member on a personal level, we are able to train our members with the benefits of the one on one attention that you need while still training in a fun atmosphere of training with like minded individuals. And while we won’t promise you that it’ll be easy, we can promise two things: You’ll work harder than ever before and that you WILL reach your goals.

Program Style

  • Functional Strength & Conditioning Style

  • Power Development

  • 4 -12 Week Program Cycles

  • Testing & Program Tracking

  • Individualized Training Style

  • Scientific Backed Training Programs

  • Unlimited Training (Monday - Friday

  • Access to BBT Academy

Training Environment

  • Small Group Training Style or Individually paced, You choose!

  • High Energy, Motivating

  • Professional Coaching Staff

  • Welcoming Atmosphere for all age groups and fitness levels

  • 45- 60 minutes Training Sessions

  • Train with your BBT Family

Training Times

  • 9AM, 3PM, 4 PM PM, 8 PM

    • See Body by T Fitness APP for actual times

  • Training Tracks

BBT Sports Performance:

Freshmen ( 7-14)

BBT Sports Performance:

Advanced ( 14-18)

BBT Sports Performance:

Elite Collegiate/ Advanced Athletes


Phase 1Phase 2Semi Private $200$350$450

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Sports Performance Sessions?

BBT Fitcamp is designed to be 60 to 75 minute strength and conditioning training minutes. CThe Warm Up period starts at 5 minute before training starts and each training sessions officially starts 5 minutes after the hour.

What can I expect with BBT Sports Performance

BBT Fitcamp Athletes can expect to be challenged everyday by a professional, experience coaching staff. BBT Fitcamp is designed to be our members training home as they reach their fitness goals.

How often are Athlete assessments ?

Client assessments are made once a month on the first of the month. Clients progress pictures are taken as well Body fat and body measurements are completed by the BBT Staff upon request. Clients may choose to opt out of any BBT Client assessment.

What kind of results should I look for in my athelte?

BBT FitCamp is designed to move at clients pace for their program. While each client will progress differently and results may differ, BBT Fitcamp is excellent choice for those looking for consistent results, guided training and a positive environment to grow in during their fitness journey.

What happens if I can't make it the session?

In the event, if you not able to make a BBT Bootcamp, all programs are available on the Body by T Fitness apps with videos explanations of individual exercises. You may also communicate with your coach through our app for any other additional instructions .

Is BBT Sports Performance like 1-1 Training

In a way, yes! BBT Fitcamp allows our clients to focus on their goals as well move at their own pace under the watchful eye of a professional coach while keeping an affordable cost. The only difference is that our members work in training sessions with others! One thing to note is that many of our BBT Fitcamp members come in looking at our 1-1 personal training sessions and choose BBT Fitcamp.


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