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Top 11 Reasons to Join BBT Fitness

Does the following sound like a fitness culture you want to be a part of? If so, BBT Fitness is the perfect place for you.

1. Prioritize Safety

BBT Fitness prioritizes your safety. We are proud of the meticulous efforts we’ve taken to create a safe environment, including COVID-19 precautions, without compromising the group experience. Our classes are capped to ensure organization and sufficient distancing.

2. Focus on Strength

You want to get strong. At BBT Fitness, we push you safely towards improving your strength and building lean, athletic muscle. Our mantra, #BecomeMore, embodies our commitment to your progress beyond mere cardio workouts.

3. Health Over Calories

You’re not calorie obsessed. We believe that being strong and fit is about more than just burning calories. At BBT Fitness, we focus on overall health and proven physiological benefits rather than gimmicks.

4. Achieve Real Results

You want results. With regular body composition scanning technology, nutrition guides, performance clubs, and a custom-built progress tracking app, you’ll always know if you’re making progress at BBT Fitness.

5. Coaching Excellence

You want coaching, not cheerleading. Our professional coaches provide one-on-one attention, correct your movements, and optimize your workouts, offering more than just motivational words.

6. Enjoy Your Fitness Journey

You want to have fun. At BBT Fitness, results are paramount, but we also prioritize fun and community. Join us for social events and become a part of the community in which you live.

7. Utilize Barbells

You want to use barbells. At BBT Fitness, we go beyond just jumping around a room. We teach and regularly use effective barbell lifts to enhance your strength training regimen.

8. Learn and Grow

You want to learn. We believe in educating our members. At BBT Fitness, you’ll learn the ‘why’ behind your workouts, making you better prepared for your fitness journey.

9. Variety of Options

You want options. While group fitness is our core, we also offer quality nutrition coaching, private training options, and a diverse roster of coaches with unique specialties to meet all your fitness needs.

10. Purposeful Programs

You want to join a gym, not a studio. BBT Fitness offers purposeful programs centered around weight training rather than random workouts. Experience a structured approach that ensures consistent progress.

11. Commitment to Safety

You prioritize safety. We value your health and safety. Our staff and programs focus on safe onboarding, proper progressions, and taking care of your well-being. Every workout includes progressions tailored to your level.

12. A Gym That Cares

You want a gym that gives a damn. At BBT Fitness, we know your name and your goals. Our professional coaches are dedicated to their craft and your success, ensuring you feel valued and supported.

If this sounds like your kind of fitness culture, then BBT Fitness is for you. Stop spinning your wheels at places that don’t share your values, and start your journe


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