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Top 11 Reasons [NOT] to Join BBT Fitness

Top 11 Reasons [NOT] to Join BBT Fitness

Welcome back! In the first part of this series, we discussed the top reasons why you might be attracted to joining BBT Fitness. Today, we'll delve into some reasons that might suggest BBT Fitness isn't the best fit for you. Let's see if our approach aligns with your fitness values and goals.

1. You Chase Calories

If your primary goal is to burn a specific number of calories to feel productive and you prefer constant high-intensity movement over deliberate strength and muscle building, BBT Fitness might not align with your goals. We focus on balanced fitness, incorporating strength and muscle development into our programs.

2. You Believe No Pain = No Gain

At BBT Fitness, we prioritize safe and effective training that promotes long-term fitness without unnecessary pain. If you think that bloody hands, scraped shins, or unbearable next-day soreness are badges of workout honor, our approach may not suit you.

3. You Want a Program that Prioritizes Olympic Weightlifting

While we incorporate squats, deadlifts, presses, and rows, and train variations of Olympic lifts, BBT Fitness does not focus exclusively on snatch and clean and jerk. If your primary goal is to master Olympic weightlifting, you may want a more specialized gym.

4. You Prefer to Go It Alone

BBT Fitness is all about community. We train together as one, offering individualized workouts tailored to your goals. However, we don't offer secret squirrel workouts, headphones, open gym, or anything that detracts from the group experience. If you prefer to train solo, this might not be the place for you.

5. You Think Going Light is Weak

We believe in the ‘Minimum Effective Dose’ principle, ensuring enough strength training to get you strong without risking injury. If you think lifting lighter weights is a waste of time, our balanced approach may not meet your expectations.

6. You Believe Price is Reflective of Quality

BBT Fitness aims for broad accessibility rather than high pricing. We believe in affecting population change, not just serving a tiny subset. If you equate higher prices with better quality, our affordable approach might not resonate with you.

7. You Think Starting Small is a Waste of Time

At BBT Fitness, every workout includes progressions for each movement to ease you into training gradually, ensuring effective long-term results. If you’re looking for immediate, intense workouts without a gradual buildup, we might not be the right fit.

8. You Prefer Giant Classes

Our classes are capped to ensure personalized attention and safety. If you prefer being in large classes where the coach might not know your name, BBT Fitness’s small group focus may not meet your needs.

9. You Fear Muscle

If you believe that lifting weights makes you bulky or that strength training interferes with cardio, our emphasis on balanced fitness, including strength training, may not align with your fitness philosophy.

10. You Think Workouts Need to Be a Party

We prioritize effective training over flashy distractions. If you’re looking for a gym with DJs, dark rooms, and neon lights, BBT Fitness’s straightforward approach might not be your style.

11. You Dislike Accountability

At BBT Fitness, accountability is key. You will register for classes, have coaches who know your name, and be pushed appropriately. If you prefer a more anonymous experience without personal interaction, our approach might not be suitable.


We hope this list helps you determine whether BBT Fitness aligns with your values and fitness goals. We respect all types of fitness and believe there is something out there for everyone. If this list resonates with you or piques your interest in trying a new gym experience, we welcome you to join us.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our reasons why BBT Fitness might not be the best fit for everyone. It's all about finding the right environment that matches your fitness philosophy and goals. If BBT Fitness sounds like the place for you, we'd love to have you become part of our community.


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