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5 Tips on How to Train with Natural Hair

Ladies, we’ve had a rough week. The gym has not made anything better considering we have been sore every time we walk out of the gym. We book that hair appointment, and it seems like our entire week has been made. We walk out of the hair salon feeling like a brand new woman, it’s truly phenomenal…until we realize we have that 4 pm training session. Typically, we try to go two days without working out to maintain our hair, but that could all change. Here are a few tips that will help maintain that fresh hairstyle while working out.

Tip #1: Pony Tails are OK.

Many women, don’t like wearing ponytails because of the crease they may leave. Try using a thicker hair tie or even a hair clip, just be sure the ponytail is loose, therefore it’ll be easy to wrap your hair and get it back to where it will need to be.

Tip #2: Wrap your hair before the gym.

With a fresh silk press, wrapping your hair can be very essential to working out. Once your hair is wrapped, tie a silk scarf around your hair to give it a little extra protection. Many women prefer this method of protection.

Tip #3: Wear it free

Ladies, if you don’t get your hair done, why not wear it free? Your natural hair defines you. Don’t be ashamed to wear it in its natural state. You’ll get the best workout that way.

Tip #4: Wear a protective style.

If you decide to get your hair done, try going towards a protective style (braids, sow-in, crochet, etc.) because it will be a lot easier to maintain. I recommend protective styles to any woman who may not do their hair as often as they want, but still want to look cute for any occasion.

Protecting your hair can be tricky, but it can definitely be done. Don’t stop working out because of your natural hair, find the best solution that may work for you and go with it.

Body by T Fitness is a strength and conditioning facility based in Charlotte, North Carolina. We focus on transforming clients and helping new lifters build consistent habits and a fitness lifestyle.

Written by India Scott and Tyler Hickey


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