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How to Refer Friends and How this Helps You!

Referring to family and friends BBT Fitness is a BIG deal. We know that when we receive a referral, it's the highest honor that we can receive as a business.

Why it's important:

Referring is important to BBT Fitness! When you refer someone to BBT Fitness, you are helping us reach our goal of training our community and transforming more lives through fitness!

What you Recieve:

We believe in rewarding our members for referring and helping expand the brand of BBT Fitness. That is why our members receive a 1-time credit of $20 towards their next billing every time you refer a friend!

Who can Be Referrals for BBT Fitness?

We know that sometimes, it can be tough thinking about who you refer, so here is our helpful list for referring to BBT Fitness:

  • Your CoWorkers- Your co-workers can often be looking for a place to get in shape. Don't forget to let your co-workers know about BBT Fitness when training at BBT Fitness

  • Your Friends- Friends that train together stay together. Don't forget, your friends need a training home too!

  • Your Family- Family members see the change and they may also want to join the fun.

  • Your Parents- Parents often make some of the best referrals as we believe it is super important for our members to include their families in training too!

  • Your Social Media Friends & Followers- Many of us have social Media Networks that span many people. Tag us in your progress pictures and gym videos. We love to see it!

  • Anyone- Anyone that you feel can benefit from BBT fitness is someone that you can refer!

How to Refer at BBT Fitness

Referring to someone to BBT Fitness has never been easier. Here's how you do it!

  1. Step 1: Tell one of your amazing friends about BBT Fitness

  2. Step 2: Let a BBT Staff member know that you have a referral

  3. Step 3: Your referral comes in for a consultation and joins BBT Fitness

  4. Step 4: You submit your BBT Referral form and receive your referral credit!

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can I refer to BBT Fitness?

You can refer as many individuals as you would like to BBT Fitness! Referrals are key to the BBT Fitness Brand.

Does it matter what program my friends sign up for?

No! Individuals must sign up for BBT Coaching Program (BBT Bootcamp, BBT Fitcamp, or BBT Personalized Performance Program).

When do I receive the referral credit?

BBT members receive referral credits once they submit a referral credit form on our website. Note: It is the member's responsibility to claim the referral credit.

What do I need to say to my referrals?

Nothing! BBT Fitness staff will handle all questions and inquiries on your behalf. All you have to do is just give us the introduction and we'll take it from there!

I don’t think my friend is serious, should I still give list them as a referral?

Yes! In fitness, we approach everyone as if they will be 100% interested. Our program is designed to help individuals find their fitness level and meet them where they are!


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