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How to Get Hired in the BBT Operations Department

So you're ready to join the BBT Operations Team?!

Let us show you how.

What does the operations team do?

The operations department acts as the hands of our organization. The operations team works together to ensure all parts are in place and working as they should: This includes member management, facility management, and overseeing marketing and sales.

With this people-facing role, our operations staffs are excellent communicators and listeners who have the ability to masterfully handle it all through proper planning and systems.

The operations team makes us more efficient and the operations manager leads their team of marketing and sales to make smart decisions within the business.

Why we want you!

This is such an important job and we want strategic team players that are able to think ahead and want to not only grow themselves but the business.

If you think you:

  • Can see the bigger picture

  • Can rely on facts

  • Can empower those on your team

  • Can understand that efficiency is king

  • Can identify ways to make operations more efficient

  • Always take quality seriously

  • Want to develop as a leader

  • and are people-focused!

If you can do these things, connect to our mission, and want to be a part of a team that is expanding, we encourage you to apply.

What is the process like

There is an extensive onboarding Process where we teach you everything that you need to know!

How to apply!

If you are interested in joining our dynamic team, go to our website About US section, toggle down to careers and apply today!


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