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BBTs Monthly Training Snapshot: SQUATOBER

For the next four weeks, our FitThick and Strengthcamp Programs will emphasize the following:

Monday: Front Squats

Tuesday: Incline Iso Bench Press

Wednesday: Trap Bar Deadlifts

Thursday: Barbell Bent Over Row

Cycle Theme - SQUATOBER

Daily Breakdown

Monday Strength: Front Squats

Throughout this workout, you will be focusing on unilateral quad movements that will transfer over to the Front Squat.

The benefits of a front squat include the following:

  • It helps improves your core strength and posture

  • Great for hamstrings, quads, and glutes

We will be following the 5 x 5 method to help build strength. This allows us to add weight more frequently throughout each set.

Tuesday: Incline Iso Bench Press

Performing Isometric movements such as the Incline Iso Bench Press, allows us to be more effective when we are developing strength. Time under tension (TUT) has been known to be the key piece for strength gains.

Wednesday Strength: Trap Bar Deadlifts

The great thing about Trap Bar Deadlifts is that no matter your skill level this movement is great to help with increasing muscle growth, pulling strength, and understanding how to properly hinge.

Some benefits of the Trap Bar Deadlift include:

  • Limits Hyperextension: Due to the inability to use the barbell most people have a problem with excessive hyperextension. The trap bar allows lifters to get in a neutral position and stay active under loads

  • Shorter Range of Motion: With the handles of a trap bar being higher, the degree of flexion at the hips and knees is shortened. This means the flexibility and mobility demands at the hips and hamstrings are less than the traditional deadlifts.

  • Less Potential Strain on the Lower Back: We are always hearing about lower back pain when it comes to the deadlift. The good thing about using a Trap Bar is that it produces less stress on the lower back than the traditional deadlift, allowing this movement to be a great way to develop strength while allowing the lower back to recover.

Thursday: Barbell Bent Over Row

Everyone is looking for a bigger and healthier back, and the Barbell bent-over row can help with that.

The muscles in your back are the primary beneficiaries of the bent-over row. They can help to increase your posture while building strength. This is all the reason to ensure that your form should be correct when conducting this movement. Here are some tips on perfecting this movement:

Elbows: You want to think about pulling the elbows behind the body, not pulling the bar up. This will help activate the lats and keep everything tight.

Pause: Throughout each rep pause at the top. As the bar touches the sternum, pause and squeeze the shoulder blades together at the top. A better posture will be built.

Friday: Squat Variation

Saturday/Sunday: Active Recovery

As you approach the weekend you want to ensure that you are keeping your body moving to help reduce soreness and to speed up the muscle-rebuilding process. Active recovery days help you get back in the groove of things as Monday sneaks back on you.

The good thing about active recovery is the fact that your options are limitless. You can do something new every weekend if you choose.

This weekend, head out and participle in a new active recovery option. Here are some ideas for you:

  • Take a morning stroll around your neighborhood

  • Take a spin class

  • Yoga (Did you know there’s a thing called hot yoga!)

  • Bike ride

  • Stretch

  • Swimming

  • Hiking with some friends

The most important part of to go have fun and relief your body of any stress.

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