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BBT Performance Members: Everything You Need To Know

  • Performance Members

    • Who are Performance Members: Performance Members are individuals who are focused on training with training and athletic performance in mind! Here are some common goals we hear from our Performance Member Members.

      • I want to build my power output

      • I want to achieve a bigger for Bigger Lifts

      • I want to lift heavier weight

      • I want to be faster & more explosive

  • Why is important to Track:

  • What We Track:

    • Progress Pictures

    • Performance metrics in TrainHeoric

      • PR's (Personal Records)

      • Volume for Week

      • Daily Readiness Scores

  • BBT Personal Assessment Forms

You can decide what you track -- maybe it’s the weight on the bar, new skills you acquire, or the amount of time it takes you to finish a particular workout. When thinking about what you want to track, consider your goals and how what you’re doing will help you meet those goals.


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