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BBT Culture: Our Members are Lit!

Who are the members of BBT Fitness?

The members of BBT Fitness are Lit because they embody the Big 3:

Energy, Effort, and Attitude!

Each of us has stuff that is going on in our lives and there will be days that we might not be at our best but we can always be there to support our brothers and sisters in strength. Our athletes and ourselves included having the option to bring positive or negative energy into the room each day. This energy sets the mood for the training session and can encourage or tear down an athlete.

The training floor is a great place to set aside the chaos of the day-to-day grind and release. Lastly, we challenge our students to have an attitude of gratitude. Each day is a gift and we should come in with the attitude to get better and support others in their journey as well.

Building and creating a culture of unity and team among individual athletes is something that can drastically change the overall perception of a program and take that program to a new level. These strategies have worked well for us and our program has grown tremendously in participation. Creating an opportunity for athletes to become part of something bigger than themselves or their sport is imperative to the overall success and health of your program.

1. Energy:

When you come into BBT Fitness the energy is infectious. You can feel it when you walk in the door and step onto the training floor; we pride ourselves on maintaining that feeling! Every day our staff and coaches bring energy to the training floor so that our members can match that energy.

2. Effort:

Our members are committed to their goals, they show up every day aiming to be 1% better than they were before. There will be days that you don't feel like it, but you know showing up for yourself in the gym will never be a bad decision and your body will reward you for your effort.

3. Attitude:

Whatever day you've had, you can look forward to leaving that all on the training floor and removing any stress of the day. Our members compete with the person in the mirror, which also makes BBT a perfect place to train. You do not have to fear anyone else of a varying skill levels because we all are focused on being better than we were the day before.

When you bring the right energy, effort, and attitude with you there's nothing that you cannot accomplish. If you're ready to be surrounded by like-minded individuals who are here to challenge you to be your best, you should consider making BBT Fitness your new training home!

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