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5 Reasons Why People Don't Train at BBT Fitness

#1 You don't see value in the BBT Training program.

We understand! Training

  • Professional Coaching Staff

  • Personalized Training App

  • Open Availability to training sessions

  • Unlimited Training (Even 2-a-Days)

  • BBT Level 1 Nutrition Training

  • And more

  • As you can see, you get a lot here at BBT!

#2 You think that you may not be able to afford our program's long-term (This is almost never true).

  • While training may seem like an expensive investment, you can't put a price on your health. We take pride in being one of Charlotte's most affordable training options

    • BBT Pro Tip: BBT Bootcamp is a great option for individuals as well as our most affordable!

#3 You question if you will have the time to commit to the training:

  • This is totally understandable! With training sessions from early morning(5-6 AM) to late-night (9 PM to 10:15 PM, BBT has training options for everyone!

    • BBT Pro Tip: That's why our coaching staff is trained with helping our members design and implementing a consistent training schedule.

#4 You don't know if BBT Fitness will work for you and get you results:

  • This is our favorite one! Just try us! We have worked with hundreds of people over the past years and have a tracked record of results that shows! The proof is in the pudding!


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