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Why BBT is the best place to work!

Our staff chooses to call BBT Fitness home due to our one-of-a-kind environment!

BBT Fitness is a challenge as well as an opportunity that allows staff to fully pursue their part-time or full-time career in the private sector of the fitness industry. We offer so many opportunities for our staff to grow and develop and make it so you have a hands-on experience in our start-up.

In this blog we will discuss BBTs:

  • Perks & Benefits

  • Team Environment

  • Flexible Hours

  • Ability to make an Immediate Impact


BBT Fitness is a Training facility that specializes in providing coaching programs to the greater Charlotte area. Since our inception, as a training program, in 2017, we have strived to provide affordable, effective, and quality training to everyone. Starting on the campus of UNC Charlotte to provide affordable quality training to college students, our brand has grown tremendously to become one of the leading strength & conditioning facilities that serves the greater Charlotte area. Known for amazing training programs built and designed from the science perspective as well as our hip-hop in urban upbeat environments, BBT fitness has cemented itself as a Charlotte staple in the fitness scene for the years to come.

What makes us Special:

Well, we can go all day about what we believe makes BBT Fitness special, but we will keep it brief. BBT Fitness is special because we are a community home to individuals who may not have been in business without our programs and products. We believe that we provide not only an affordable high-quality coaching program but we also help members build a lifelong relationship between fitness and their bodies.

Wanna join our community and the environment we have created within BBT fitness?

We Offer: Full time or Full Focus Staff

  • Healthcare: (Coming in 2023!) BBT Fitness is working to be one of the first micro gyms in charlotte to offer company healthcare in the greater Charlotte area! Plans will include multiple healthcare plans plus family plans as well!

  • Dental & Vision: We offer subsidized dental and vision coverage for Full Focus Staff

  • Internal Financial Planning: Every staff member at BBT Fitness receives internal financial planning at BBT Fitness! We are one of the only fitness companies in North Carolina that offer this planning!

  • Flexible Schedule: BBT Fitness offers flexible work options including half days

  • Paid Vacation: BBT Fitness offers 2 Weeks of PTO and 3 sick days a year

  • Company Bonuses: BBT Fitness offers a collaborative company bonus program for all staff members to contribute to and be eligible for! The bonus program is based on individual, department, and company KPIs.

We Offer: Part Time or Part Focus Staff

  • Healthcare: BBT Fitness is proud to offer our part-focus team members supplemental healthcare benefits!

As a part of the BBT Team, you can work closely with our community and positively impact their lives.

Our Main Population Groups:

  • General Population:

    • BBT Conditioning (BBT Bootcamp)

    • BBT Strength & Conditioning (BBT Fitcamp)

  • Sports Performance Training

    • Sports Performance Team Training

    • Sports Performance Team Personalized Performance

  • Personal Training Clients

    • BBT Personalized Performance

As a team, we are focused on bettering ourselves daily as we know if we are better ourselves that we can be better for all of our clients and the people we serve.

If you are interested in joining our dynamic team, go to our website About US section, toggle down to careers and apply today!


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