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Why Join BBT Fitness? You Need a "REAL" Training Program

Ebony Ford


Does this sound like you? You want to get into fitness but when you get into the gym you don't know what to do. You follow a written workout you found online from time to time and just hope that it works. After trying for some time with little to no progress your weekly trip to the gym becomes less and less...

If that sounds like you, we understand the struggle, and it's hard! At BBT Fitness we have thought long and hard about your problems and want to help you solve them. Wouldn't it be nice to have a training program that is designed to get you those results?

Our training program was designed with you in mind. We do not want you to have to think about your workout, we have it covered and it is scientifically formulated to get you that body!

In addition to our science-backed programming we offer the following in all our BBT Training Programs:

The BBT Training Program

  • Unlimited Training: At BBT Fitness we offer Unlimited Training (up to 5 days a week) for our members to take advantage of in the pursuit to maximize their goals. At BBT Fitness we do not nickel and dime our members but rather encourage them to show up as consistently or as much as they like.

  • BBT Basic Nutrition training: At BBT Fitness we know that you can train all day but you must also put in the work to eat better outside of the gym. We offer basic nutrition training that is included with your training program to help you stay on track.

  • At-Home Homework: For those who want to do a little more, there's at home workout options that were made to supplement your training in the gym.

  • BBT Community Events: Another plus to being at BBT Fitness is that you can connect with other like-minded individuals in a supportive yet challenging atmosphere. We want you to have fun and do your best.

  • BBT Seminars

  • Special events and more!

If you're interested in finding a training home that offers you so much more than a workout, Book a free success consultation today! Link Below!


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