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Introduction to BBT Communication Guidelines: Connecting with BBT Fitness

At BBT Fitness, we prioritize effective and transparent communication with our members. To ensure seamless interactions and provide the best coaching experience, we have established clear communication guidelines. Let's delve into the details!

Client Communication Policy: Our mission is to assist members in achieving their fitness goals while maintaining open lines of communication. While we'd love to handle every email, text, and call personally, it's important to establish boundaries that enable efficient and effective communication within our coaching program. Thus, we follow a structured schedule for a smooth experience.

BBT Contact Card: Here's how you can reach us at BBT Fitness:

Official Company Email:

Company Phone Number: 704-960-8778

Secondary Text Number: (Add Uplaunch Number)

Office Staff Hours:

11 AM - 5 PM,

Monday-Friday Training Facility Hours:

5 AM - 10:15 PM (Refer to the BBT App for specifics)

BBT Office Hours:

Monday-Thursday: 3 PM to 6 PM (Virtual Appointments available)

To schedule a BBT Ops meeting, click this link!

Official Communication:

At BBT Fitness, we categorize communication into two types: Official Communication and Informal Communication. Official communication pertains to formal information exchange, while Informal communication involves day-to-day interactions with our members.

BBT Communication Channel:

  • BBT Emails: or any email with


  • Training Matters: Handled by your program Director (BBT Aesthetic Director)

  • Operations Matters: Addressed by the BBT Operations Manager or an operations team member.

Formal Communication:

At BBT Fitness, the main style of communication that all important BBT-related information will come from will be formal communication channels. Formal communication is designed to be trackable and allow information to never fall through the cracks. Here are our formal communication lines!

  • BBT Communication Channel:

  • Guidelines:

    • Training Related Matters: all the training matters will be handled by your program Director (the BBT aesthetic Director)

    • Operations-Related Matters: All BBT operation matters will be handled by the BBT operation manager or a member of the operations team.

Informal Communication:

Informal communication is the most common vehicle of communication at BBT Fitness. This is how we would traditionally communicate with members of our coaching programs to ensure quick and effective communication. We have various unofficial communication methods that we will use to communicate with you throughout your time at BBT Fitness such as text messages, voicemail blasts, and Brand DM's. These methods offer any conversations that do not need official documentation and are designed to be informative and not brand-important.

  • BBT Informal Communication Channel:

    • BBT Company Social Media Accounts:

    • BBT Trainheroic Team Message Boards

    • BBT Text Number:

    • Phone Calls

  • Guidelines:

    • Note: You may be asked to switch over to emails in the event that a BBT staff member determines information should be documented!

Non-BBT Related: Communication:

All official and unofficial communication will come from BBT register accounts. It is important to note that non-BBT-related accounts are not the responsibility of BBT Fitness and will not be monitored for any communication both official and unofficial. More so, it is important that members refrain from reaching out through non-BBT-related communication methods that are not listed above. This can include individual staff members' and coaches social media accounts. It is important that BBT Members respect the boundaries between our staff members when they are on and off the clock.

  • Note: BBT Coaching Staff will not message you personally outside of the BBT Verified Coaching App

Frequently Asked Questions about BBT Communication:

Q: Why is official communication important?

A: Official communication ensures fully documented interactions, allowing efficient tracking of information for future reference. It enables smooth operations at BBT Fitness, given the volume of members.

Q: Can I visit the BBT Operations staff to discuss account issues?

A: While the BBT Operations team welcomes conversations with members, we recommend emailing any account-related requests to the BBT team email for proper assignment. This saves time and effort, as an email is often the subsequent step after an in-person visit.

Q: Can I contact my coach regarding my training account?

A: BBT fitness coaching staff are not authorized to make changes to BBT member accounts. It's important to follow BBT guidelines and steps to address any account issues promptly. Our coaches excel at inspiring and changing our members' lives one step at a time!

Q: How long should I expect a response to official communication?

A: BBT official communication aims to respond to member requests within 24 to 72 hours, though we often reply even sooner. We strive to meet our members' needs promptly.

Q: Can I use social media to discuss my BBT training account?

A: BBT Fitness does not accept official communication over social media channels. Managing BBT's social media accounts and ensuring appropriate responses to all requests can be challenging. Please direct any account-related inquiries to the BBT team email provided above.

Q: Can I ask my coach for their personal contact number for BBT-related matters?

A: While it is at the discretion of the staff member to share their personal contact information, we kindly request that members refrain from requesting personal contact information from staff members for BBT fitness matters. Our staff members adhere to BBT fitness communication standards and may not be able to fulfill such requests. It's always best to contact staff members through BBT-verified channels like the Everfit App and the BBT company email.

Q: Can I ask my coach for their personal contact number for non-BBT-related matters?

A: If a BBT staff member decides to share their personal contact number, it's a decision made between the staff member and the member.

Q: Are the BBT messages I receive via text automated, or is there a real person behind them? A: BBT Fitness employs a mix of automation and staff members to monitor member messages. All text messages are monitored and responded to by the BBT Operations staff. Feel free to reach out and respond to these messages; we always value hearing from you!


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