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BBT Onboarding Steps: Book Your First Goal Review


Now we will discuss the BBT 100-Day Journey. As a critical part of the BBT Fitness success system or our tried and true method to help you reach fitness success here at BBT Fitness, we have designed a 100 Day journey for all new members to take part in at the start of their fitness journey.

The goal of the BBT Success System is designed to give you as a BBT Member, a system to follow to practically Guarantee (or as much as one could in fitness) your success in the BBT Fitness Coaching Program. During the first 100 Days in our success system, we will strive to help you understand the BBT Coaching program and ensure that you are acclimating to BBT Fitness! The Aim of the pr is to ensure that you have a clear path to success in the BBT Fitness Coaching Program while teaching you everything you need to know about BBT Fitness!

Why Do I Need to Schedule a Goal Review as Soon as I Start

The First BBT Goal Review was established with the purpose of guaranteeing success inside the BBT Fitness Coaching program. And while there that you are poised for success within your initial 100 days with us. During this review, we will allocate the necessary time to devise SMART Goals that will serve as the foundation for your journey. Additionally, we will cover the following subjects:

  • Areas that you may be struggling with

  • Helping you build a solid training schedule

  • Calculate your Macros

Who is my Goal Review Meeting With

In the BBT Goal Reviews, you will meet with either the BBT Director of Aesthetic or one of the BBT Client Success Managers! No matter who you meet with, our goal is to help you understand your goals and get you to success!

How Do I Schedule My Goal Review:

Scheduling your first BBT goal reviews actually quite simple! All you have to do is, click the link below and find a date and time that is suitable for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who needs to complete a BBT Goal Review?

A: All BBT members need to complete a BBT Goal Review. We would love for all new members to conduct their first Goal Review within their first 7 days with us.

Q: When exactly should I schedule the Goal Review?

A: We asked that you schedule your first Goal Review with us within the first 7 days of your joining BBT.

Q: What if I can't make my Goal Review after I scheduled it?

A: No worries, if you know that you can't make your goal review, please reach out to us and we will make sure that you have a new date and time that works for you.

Q: How many Goal Reviews do I get per year?

A: As a BBT member you get 4 Goal Reviews per year, that is 1 every Quarter!


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