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Are New Year Resolutions good?

New year's resolutions can be a good way for people to set goals for themselves and make positive changes in their lives. However, it's important to approach them in the right way in order to be successful. Here are a few tips for making and sticking to new year's resolutions

Be specific: Make specific, achievable goals

rather than vague resolutions. For example, "I will exercise three times a week" is a more specific and achievable goal than "I will get in shape."

Make a plan: Break your goal down into smaller, more manageable steps and create a plan for achieving each step. This can help you stay on track and make progress towards your goal.

Be realistic: Choose resolutions that are realistic and achievable given your current circumstances. It's better to set a goal that you can realistically achieve than to set a goal that is too difficult or unrealistic.

At BBT Fitness we know it can be hard, this is why we formulated our success system to help you win. We offer unlimited times to train during the week but we only want you to commit to 3. Coming to 3 sessions a week which you can book ahead of time in our Body By T app. Gives you a way to take 3 small steps a week to those New Year New Me goals.

Let's start the year off strong. Let's have a great week!

If you have a New Year New Me Resolution and need a way to happen look no further.

Book a free success consultation using the link below!


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