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Programming Prep November: Recipe to Success

By: Nazirah M. Jones, MS., CPT-NASM

Geesh, it's November already! Where did the time go?! Hopefully, you aren't too overwhelmed with how fast the year is going, because the job is not done. This is a very hard time of the year for most people, but it is my duty to ensure that you at least have a smooth time when you step foot into BBT. This month we are going to work hard and get through any and all challenges that may arise. With that being said, let's take a look at what we have this month.

For the next four weeks, our Conditioning Team will emphasize the following:

Monday: Single Leg Movements

Tuesday: Let dem shoulders burn

Wednesday: Lower Body Conditioning

Thursday: Upper Body Stability & Strength

Friday: The start of BBT Weekendz

Start Date: Monday, November 6th, 2023

Daily Breakdown

Monday: Single Leg Movements

Single-leg lower body movements, often referred to as unilateral exercises, involve working one leg at a time rather than both legs simultaneously. These exercises are valuable for building strength, stability, balance, and muscular imbalances.

Benefits of Single-Leg Lower Body Movements:

  1. Muscle Imbalance Correction: Unilateral exercises help identify and correct muscle imbalances between the left and right sides of the body. This balance is crucial for preventing injuries and promoting functional movement patterns.

  2. Improved Stability and Balance: Single-leg exercises challenge your balance and stability, activating smaller stabilizing muscles and engaging your core for support. This enhances overall balance and proprioception.

  3. Functional Strength: Many real-life activities, such as walking, running, and climbing stairs, involve using one leg at a time. Single-leg movements improve functional strength and coordination for these daily activities.

  4. Reduced Injury Risk: By addressing muscle imbalances and enhancing stability, single-leg exercises can reduce the risk of injuries, particularly in the knees, hips, and ankles.

  5. Increased Focus on Weaker Side: If one side of your body is weaker than the other, unilateral exercises allow you to focus on strengthening the weaker side without letting the dominant side compensate.

Tuesday: Focusing on the Shoulders

Shoulder movements, when incorporated into a comprehensive fitness routine, can contribute to weight loss and overall body fat reduction. While specific exercises themselves won't directly cause weight loss (as weight loss primarily depends on calorie balance), they do play a role in enhancing overall metabolism, burning calories, and shaping your body composition.

Some of the movements you will see include:

  1. Military Press

  2. Front Raises

  3. Lateral Raises

  4. Upright Row

Wednesday: Lower Body Conditioning

Lower body conditioning refers to the process of strengthening and toning the muscles in the lower part of the body, including the legs, hips, and glutes. Conditioning exercises aim to improve muscular strength, endurance, power, and overall functional capacity. Lower body conditioning is important for various reasons, including enhancing athletic performance, improving daily activities, and reducing the risk of injuries.

Benefits of Lower Body Conditioning:

  1. Improved Strength: Lower body exercises build muscle strength, enhancing the ability to perform various movements and activities.

  2. Increased Endurance: Conditioning exercises improve muscle endurance, allowing for prolonged physical activities without fatigue.

  3. Enhanced Stability and Balance: Strong lower body muscles contribute to better balance and stability, reducing the risk of falls and injuries.

  4. Better Athletic Performance: Athletes benefit from lower body conditioning, which enhances speed, agility, jumping ability, and overall athletic performance.

Thursday: Upper Body Strength

Upper body strength is crucial for various everyday activities, from lifting and carrying objects to performing sports and maintaining good posture. Developing a strong upper body can enhance your overall fitness, improve functional movements, and boost your confidence.

Benefits of Upper Body Strength Training:

  1. Improved Muscle Tone: Strength training helps in toning and shaping the muscles, giving your upper body a more defined appearance.

  2. Enhanced Functional Movement: Upper body strength supports daily activities like lifting, carrying, and reaching, making these tasks easier and more efficient.

  3. Increased Bone Density: Weight-bearing exercises, including upper body strength training, can improve bone density and reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

  4. Better Posture: Strengthening the upper back and shoulder muscles can correct rounded shoulders and promote an upright posture.

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday: BBT Weekendz

As you may know already BBT Fitness has expanded training days by bringing you BBT Weekendz. This is a great opportunity to get in some extra training and have fun as well. If you would like to attend any of our weekend classes you can use promo code "CoachZye" to receive $5 off or obtain a BBT Weekendz Membership for a discounted price.

In conclusion, I understand that it is getting colder and most of us just want to relax but please remember the goals that you have set for yourself. The real training takes place now in the off-season. Let's work hard but more importantly, let's have fun!!


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