How to see results with Body by T Fitness

So you’re probably thinking You joined Body by T Fitness, now what? Well you're not the only one. While you obviously made the right choice by deciding to being your fitness journey, we also want you to know that this is

#1: Be Consistent

The number 1 most important thing to remember is that you must be come to training

#2: Follow your Nutrition Program

Remember it is 20% fitness 80% nutrition. During your fitness journey, the only way for you to see permanent results is for you become serious about your nutrition program. Now we’re not saying that you have to buy a food scale and carry it every time you eat. However, we do suggest that you become conscious about your nutrition regimens and what you put in your body. Following general rules like the 90/10 nutrition rule as well as trying to plan healthy options in your week go a long way to building a better nutrition plan

#3: Listen to your coach

Now we know this one can be tough. Again, in the age where the internet and google can give you an answer in.12 seconds or less. It can be hard not to want to follow your own self designed plan. However, it is important to listen to your coach. BBT Coaches are trained and well versed in the fitness and nutrition world. And while we may not always tell you what you want to hear, we will give you what you need to hear. Remember, we’re on your side when it comes to your fitness journey.

#4: Educate Yourself

We want you to learn! Body by T ‘s philosophy on client success is rooted in educating and empowering our clients. Why? We know that a smarter client is a better client and you’re much more likely to reach your goals with ample information. That’s why we push our clients to research fitness and nutritional topics. Whether it’s asking questions like “What is the best diet for my goals?” or reading a vetted article on fat loss, we want to push our clients to be inquisitive. Remember, when it comes to fitness, Knowledge is Power

#5: Do Your Homework (Outside the Gym)

While it may be easy to think that by simply coming to training you will ensure your results, that is simply not the case. Training must take place inside and outside of the gym. THat means stretching at home after a long day of training or

#6 Make It a Lifestyle

The only way to truly be successful at Body by T Fitness is to make our training a lifestyle. Whether you come to training directly after a long day of work or make n

Follow your program

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