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How to Maximize Your BBT Experience

Remember your training experience is one of the most important things at BBT Fitness! That's why we make it easy for our members to achieve their goals and get the accountability that they need to be successful!

Ask a lot of questions- Whether your questions are about your training program, fitness, or the best restaurants in Charlotte. We ready to answer you andtytt

Jump in- Once on the job, pursue every opportunity to get involved in day-to-day tasks. Earn trust by seizing the small stuff (like making copies when necessary), and always be thinking of ways to remain innovative and add a fresh, young perspective.

The best student workers are bright, naturally curious, and quickly able to build on the skills they learn on the job. Ultimately, this kind of student will deliver real value for the company – they are exactly the type of entry-level people companies want to hire.

Show Up Ready to Work

Maximize Your Training Days

Make Training Friends- BBT Teammates ( Your) Remember that every person you meet while working this summer can potentially be added to your professional network.

Do Your Homework

Follow BBT Social Media- BBT FItness


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