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Get Inside the Mind of a BBT Coach: The Art of Program Design

By: Nazirah M. Jones, M.S., CPT-NASM

Can you believe it's been 4 years since BBT Fitness entered the scene? Time flies when you're lifting weights and getting swole 💪🏽

Since day one, our mission has been crystal clear: to provide you with top-notch training that actually works. And how do we do that, you ask? Well, it's all about the programming, baby! 🤓

While the fitness world may constantly change with new trends and gimmicks, we've stayed true to our roots by keeping things simple and effective. No flashy gadgets or complicated routines here, just good old-fashioned hard work and dedication. 💪🏽

That's why we're proud to introduce our Monthly Training Cycle, the backbone of the BBT Training program. By focusing on the basics and building a solid foundation, we help you achieve real, lasting results. So come join us and let's get fit together! 🏋🏽

Our Programming Philosophy & Intent

At the core of BBT Fitness, our goal is to train our everyday members to be more athletic and stronger in their journey of life. We know that when given the proper direction and the proper tools, nothing is impossible for our members in their fitness journey. For example,

The Tale of two people:

  • Person A: Has a map and plan and some experience in fitness. They have followed the training program before but are somewhat inconsistent. They choose to figure it out as they work at their local gym.

  • Person B: Has a map and a plan but they are new to fitness. They are starting a new fitness journey, but they have a solidified training program, a coach, and a curriculum and will attend a coaching program, like BBT Fitness.

Who do you think will go further?

Of course, person B! This is the importance of having a coach and a coaching program! As a coach, it is virtually impossible to help anyone achieve a long-term result without a structured training program and training curriculum. This correlates with our training and programming philosophy at BBT Fitness, where we believe in letting science guide our programming decisions and one of the key tenets to training success is consistency, repetition, and correct frequency. These tenets of success will deliver individuals the fastest improvement. Your daily workouts will not be the boring routine that you have done for the last 3 weeks or as intense as the first day of Bootcamp for a military recruit, we will lead you with our principled, training approach. A plan with a purpose beats a purpose without a plan.

Daily Focus

This means that in each cycle we always assign the following themes.

The Daily Focus at BBT Fitness is designed to give our members a consistent training schedule and training focus every week. The daily focus assigns each day a training focus based on goals. The following program is split into 2 separate programs.

BBT Power Program (FitThick & Strenghtcamp)

  • (2) Lower Body Days: Monday & Wednesday

  • (2) Upper Body Days: Tuesday & Thursday

  • (1) Team Training Day (BBT Wildcard Day): Friday

  • (1) Active Rest & Mobility Day: Saturday and/or Sunday

BBT Conditioning Program (SlimThick & Cutcamp)

  • (2) Strength Days: Monday & Wednesday

  • (2) Conditioning Days: Tuesday & Thursday

  • (1) Team Training Day (BBT Wildcard Day): Friday

  • (1) Active Rest & Mobility Day: Saturday and/or Sunday

Week 4 “BBT Grind Week”

We believe that what gets measured gets managed, and what gets managed gets improved. So for those who can display safe movement patterns while under fatigue, after every cycle, there will be a different measurable each day of the week. It could be a strength test like a 2R back squat, a skill test like a max Turkish Get Up, a Become More Club entry opportunity like Flight or Prison Yard Club, or a benchmark score-based workout.

  • Testing by Program

    • Power Testing: So, what exactly is a Power Test? Simply put, it's a way for us to measure your strength and track your progress over time. During a Power Test, we typically test 4 to 6 reps of a particular exercise or movement. The goal of a Power Test is not to burn calories or improve endurance. Instead, it's all about building raw strength.

    • Rep Testing: A rep-max test is a way to determine your maximum strength in a particular exercise or movement. It's sometimes referred to as an AMRAP test, which stands for As Many Reps As Possible. Essentially, you'll perform as many reps as possible with a certain weight or resistance until you reach failure. At BBT Fitness, we love to challenge our members and push them to reach their full potential. That's why we often use this testing format to see just how strong our members really are.

  • Testing Movements

    • For both BBT Training Tracks, we will focus on movement patterns. At BBT Fitness, we believe that movement patterns are the foundation of all functional movement. That's why we place a strong emphasis on movement pattern testing as part of our training program. Movement pattern testing is a way to assess how well you move in a variety of different positions and planes of motion. We'll look at things like squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling, and twisting, among others. By testing your movement patterns, we can identify any areas of weakness or dysfunction and work to correct them.

The Tenets of the BBT Training Program:

At BBT Fitness, we have 5 tenets of programming that we follow here is:

  • Effectiveness

  • Appropriate Exercise Pairing

  • Variety…Kinda

  • Scalability

  • Fun


BBT Training Programs are built on the latest scientific principles. We probably can all agree that there is no reason to follow a program that is not effective or won't help you reach your long-term goals!

  • Our training is built with a "Science First" philosophy. This means we follow the scientific principles we know to be true,

  • Our programs are built to be effective for

  • We DO NOT sacrifice effective, science-backed training programs for cool, Instagram workouts... but we do watch them too!

Appropriate Exercise Pairing

It's easy to hand someone ingredients to a fire recipe that has been in the family for years, but we all know that it's not knowing WHAT to cook; rather it's knowing HOW to cook it. Fitness is the same way! We can't tell you how many countless times individuals joining our program have told us before BBT Fitness, they scrolled countless hours on websites and youtube to find workouts/exercises online. However proper training programs incorporate more than just random movements & exercises. At BBT Fitness, we employ an upper/lower split and each training cycle will feature 2 different movements for each lower body day of the week. For example, our lower body days will always feature 2 different movements such as a knee hinge movement (back squat) on Monday and a hip hinge movement (Deadlift) on Wednesday. By employing our principle of appropriate pairing, allows us to safely and effectively train the same muscle groups with different movement patterns!

It's important to understand that at BBT Fitness, our training programs are designed for full-week attendance that can be completed safely while remaining fun and variable. As a team, we aim to avoid the overuse of certain muscle groups, it is unavoidable that some days may resemble others but it is up to our members (you) to have common sense and gauge attendance based on how your body feels.


At BBT Fitness, we understand that while consistency matters, it is equally just as important to keep some variety. Variety is important in keeping your training program and workouts energized and engaging. In other words, we know that you may not desire to do the same workouts over and over again, We understand that one of the main obstacles in many individuals' journeys is boredom and that many people, our members included desire fitness programs that are as much fun and stimulating. At BBT Fitness, we boast a library of BBT Movements of over 800 movements combined with the most effective movements (squats, deadlifts, cleans, rows, presses, swings, etc) and while we LOVE the basics, each new cycle will typically see up to 15-20 movements new movements for our members to master!

  • We change our movements to keep our program freshness

Variety is a lot like ingredients in a burrito. The right ones create magic, but too much and it’s just a sloppy mess. Or worse yet, those places that half-assed only add the cheese to one side so you have that weird thing that only half your bites have cheese. Lock it up, folks.


Another key tenant of the BBT Training program is our scalability design which allows our coaches to work At BBT Fitness, we will always program and coach around our program movement staples while providing both a starting progression and an advanced performance-based option. Here's an example of one of the Major lift levels that we implement at BBT Fitness! This is often most obviously reflected in the major lifts, so for example:

  • Our programs are designed to be easily progressed (made harder) and regressed (made easier) by our members

  • Our talented coaching staff helps our members scale their training programs based on their training goals and needs!

Level 1: Regressed Training: (-1) Regression Movement: Dumbbell Goblet Squat

Level 2: Base Training: (0) Main Movement: Back Squat

Level 3: Advanced Training: (+1) Progression Movement: Chain/ Pneumatic (Air Resistance) Back Squat


Last but certainly not least, one of our core foundations of the BBT Programming Core Values is fun! That's right, you heard us right... fun is one of the guiding lights when we design training programs at BBT Fitness. Simply put, it's the glue that holds the training program together! As a coaching staff, we want you to reach your goals and have fun doing them.

  • We want our training programs to be effective but fun.

  • The goal of our programs is for you to never leave demoralized but rather hopeful and proud of your accomplishments knowing tomorrow will be better!

While our workouts are not for everyone, they are most certainly for anyone. We’ll never leave a man or woman behind simply because they can’t quite do something just yet.

While our talented coaching staff will always be present to offer our members insight into their best training practices, BBT members are empowered to have the freedom to decide the best training program and fit for their success.

Remember, your buy-in leads to your results! See you on the training floor.


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