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5 Reasons Why You Should Root For Body by T Fitness

5 Reasons Why You Should Root For Body by T Fitness

Anyone who knows the story of Body by T Fitness or BBT Fitness for short, would tell you that after hearing the creation story for the brand, it would make instant fans.

Reason #1 :The Founder of BBT Fitness went homeless for the first year of business

Yes, you heard that right! When BBT Fitness first opened their doors in 2017, founder and Director of Training knew that cash flow would be a major issue starting a gym off from scratch. So when his apartment lease came up, Tyler gave his apartment up and moved into his gym taking showers at friends houses and even a local fitness connection.

“ I remember one day just standing in the shower looking at my shower shoes and crying. But I always knew that if I stayed consistent and kept working, I would be successful.”

Reason #2 Tyler started his business as a freshman from UNC Charlotte

Reason #3 Body by T Fitness trains the historically underserved fitness community

When BBT fitness started, the main goal was to train college students and young professional and offer affordable fitness and quality training. A

Reason #4 We hire college students and minorities !

BBT Fitness loves giving opportunities! No seriously, we love working with

Reason #5 Our long term vision is amazing!

We’re not just a local gym! Our vision for BBT Fitness is to expand across North Carolina and eventually the United States! And while yes they are big goals, we know that we can accomplish them in time! From offering world class athletic training to amazing weekend bootcamps to the community, we know that our fitness vision is going to change the world!

Reason #5 We’re Good for the Fitness Culture

We don’t hide what we do. We are a urban strength and conditioning training facility. From our urban


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