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What is the BBT Personalized Performance Training?

BBT Personalized Performance Training was created to give our clients a customized training program in a concentrated environment to reach their maximum potential.  Whether specific goals or just a quest for intimacy, BBT Personalized Performance Training Sessions are designed to give members a semi-private experience.  


BBT Personalized Performance Training is great for individuals looking to experience high-quality training in an advanced setting while having access to the coaching staff, specialized equipment, and individualized coaching programs. 


Why BBT Personalized Performance Training?

BBT Personalized Performance Training was born for the desire to offer individuals the ability to training an athletic setting under coaching supervision at an affordable rate.

Who Is Personalized Performance Training For?

BBT Personalized Performance Training is for autonomous individuals who looking to reach their maximum potential. 

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Inside BBT Personalized 

Performance Training 

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About BBT Personalized Performance Training 

Key Points of BBT Personalized Performance Training

  • Individually Customized Training Program

  • Personalized At Home Homework Program

  • Access to BBT Training Facility

  • Personalized Nutrition Education

  • Small-Group Setting

  • BBT Elite Nutrition Programming 

  • Smart Training Approach

Specialty Programs Offered

  • BBT Elite FItThick Training

  • BBT Elite SlimThick Training

  • BBT High-Performance Program

  • BBT Glute Development Program

Training Times

Morning Block 

11 AM Personalzied Performance

12 PM  Personalzied Performance

1 PM  Personalzied Performance

2 PM  Personalzied Performance

3 PM  Personalzied Performance

4 PM  Personalzied Performance

BBT Results

Life is about Results... That's why we produce!

Get Started With BBT 

Step 1: Choose Your Program Length

Ask yourself this question: How many times have you ever started only to stop 2 weeks later? If this sounds like you then you’ve come to the right place! BodyByT ensures your success by creating programs around 4, 8 or 12 months! This allows us to make sure we have enough time to cover your needs!

BBT Personalized Performance Pricing


Frequently asked questions

How long are BBT Personalzied Performance Sessions?

BBT Personalzied Performance Sessions are designed to be 60 to 75 minute strength and conditioning training mintues. BBT Coaching Staff will typically keep sessions to under 75 minute time blocks.

Can I do freestyle workouts during BBT Personalzied Performance

BBT Fitness does allow for freestyle workouts duirng BBT Personalzied Performance sessions. We ask that indivudals who free style workouts to not impede others

Do BBT Open Coached Members reicieve BBT Assessments?

Client assessments are made once a month on the first of the month. BBT Check Ins consist of clients progress pictures, an online check-In with the option of completing body fat and body measurements which can be completed by BBT Staff upon request. BBT Members may choose to opt out of any part of the assessment.

Is a Coach on the Floor during BBT Open Coached sessions?

BBT Open Coached Sessions are run by BBT Training Assistant on the Training Floor. The Training Assistant role is to assit members in movements, understanding their individualized training programs.

What if I can't make a BBT Personalzied Performance Session?

BBT Personalzied Performance Sessions memberships are unlimted sessions. If a member is unable to attend a training session, BBT Members still can complete their training program throguh their personal training app.

Can I switch to another program if I don't like the program?

Yes, BBT members may switch programs at any time by talking to the Office Manager at any time.

Is BBT Personalzied Performance like 1-1 Training

In a way, yes! BBT Personalzied Performance allows our clients to focus on their goals as well move at their own pace under the watchful eye of a professional coach while keeping an affordable cost. BBT Fitness does offer 1-1 personal training packages! Complete the form below

Who is Personalzied Performance for?

BBT Personalzied Performanceis deisnged for BBT memebers who are looking of are individualized traininng. Whether you are looking for individualzed desinged training programs or a more private training exeprience, BBT Personalzied Performance is for all!


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