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BBT Personalized Performance

Individualized Training Designed for your Success


Welcome to BBT Personalized Performance 

Training on Your Time

What is the BBT Personalized Performance Training?

BBT Personalized Performance Training was created to give our clients a customized training program in a concentrated environment to reach their maximum potential.  Whether specific goals or just a quest for intimacy, BBT Personalized Performance Training Sessions are designed to give members a semi-private experience.  


BBT Personalized Performance Training is great for individuals looking to experience high-quality training in an advanced setting while having access to the coaching staff, specialized equipment, and individualized coaching programs. 


Why BBT Personalized Performance Training?

BBT Personalized Performance Training was born for the desire to offer individuals the ability to training in an athletic setting under coaching supervision at an affordable rate.

Who Is Personalized Performance Training For?

BBT Personalized Performance Training is for autonomous individuals who looking to reach their maximum potential. 

about BBT Personalized performance

Inside BBT Personalized performance


What Our Members Say

"BBT Personalized Performance is one of the best Coaching programs I have been apart of.  It's training for the culture! From the music to the coaching to the atmosphere... it's the best hour of the day! "

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Your Personalized Gameplan designed to Your Individual Needs

Learn about the BBT Training Program designed to hep become consistent in the gym and reach your training success. 


A Personalized Coaching Program Tailored to Your Training Needs

In BBT Personalized Performance Program, individuals can expect to receive tailored training programs designed around their training needs.  Each month, BBT Personalized Performance members receive monthly goal sheets in conjuction with their training. All BBT S&C Members receive Quarterly 90-Day Coaching Gameplans designed to help members develop clear, defined goals and an easy to follow roadmap to get there!  Achieving training results has never been so easy! 

A Professional Designed Training Programming to get you faster, long lasting results! 

One of the major benefits of training at BBT Fitness is the access to professional programs designed with science in mind! At BBT Fitness, the BBT Coaching staff are trained to develop training programs using the latest scientific training concepts. This allows our members to achieve their training goals faster while learning the necccary tools needed to keep the training results long after they have left the training program. 


Advanced Nutrition Coaching To Make Your Nutrition Easy

"Every Great Training Programs Needs a Nutrition Element"

BBT Personalized Performance Members receive access to Precision Nutrition. Our nutrition program is designed to educate members on nutrition basics while providing a simple and easy to follow roadmap for members to add to their training program. Don't feel energized about nutrition? That's why we offer nutrition challenges to our members

BBT Accountability Coaching to Keep You Consistent!

"Accountability is glue that ties commitment to the result"

Need accountability? We have you covered!


All members inside the BBT Personalized Performance Programs receive accountability coaching through a series of call, text messages and emails!  Working with the BBT Success Manager, we help keep you find what works and then make it consistent. We know that staying consistent can be tough BBT and often you only need a encouragement and pat on the back! 


Bi-Weekly Check-In's to Measure your Training Progress

"Measuring progress is often like watching grass grow. While it’s difficult to detect movement on a daily basis, it’s simple to see growth over time."

BBT Personalized Performance Member receives a higher level of accountability.  We know that if you're in this program you want to maximize every moment.  Let us help you reach this goal by routine check-in's to ensure that you always stay on track!

A BBT Coach 

"Coaching is unlocking a person's potential to maximize their own potential. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them."

In the BBT Personalized Performance, athletes are assigned to a BBT Performance Coach. The Coach works with athlete to administer the training program as well as monitor the Nutrition and lifestyle program.


The BBT Environment 

"Responsibility, equals accountability, equals ownership. And a sense of ownership is the most powerful weapon an individual could have" ~ Pat Summit

The BBT Coaching Gameplan is the foundation of success for BBT Personalized Performance Memebers. All BBT P.P.P Members receive Quarterly 90-Day Coaching Gameplans designed to help members develop clear, defined goals and an easy to follow roadmap to get there! Goals will be reviewed in monthly meetings.

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What You Need To Know

Learn the In's & Out's of the BBT Personalized Performance Training Program

What is the Training Program Methodology

— Name, Title

Results are often predicated on strategy & method. That's why it's important to understand the methodology of the training program in which our coaching staff will work with you to reach your fitness goals! At BBT Fitness, we believe that fitness should be between You & Yourself! You won't see competitive workouts.

Here's What You Should Know

  • We Believe in Functional Strength & Conditioning Training. This means we train you using movements relevant to your everyday life!

  • BBT Fitness is a Power lifting program. Our major Movements consist of  Deadlifts, Squats, Bench press, Push Jerk & Hip Thrust. 

  • We believe in Science. Our Goal in our training program is not to run you into the ground everyday but rather train your body to using principles of exercise science.

  •  4 -12 Week Program Cycles

  • Program Tracking 

  • Individualized Training Style

  • Scientific Backed Training Programs 

  • Speciality Program Access: 

    • BBT Elite FItThick Training

    • BBT Elite SlimThick Training

    • BBT High-Performance Program

    • BBT Glute Development Program


What is the Training Environment & Culture? 

At BBT Fitness, we understand that culture & environment is everything! That's why we make it a point of emphasis to build community and environment.


Here's What You Should Know:  

  • BBT Music: It's all about the rhythm! 

  • Training Environment: High Energy, Motivating for members to enjoy their workouts!

  • Coaching Staff: BBT Coaches Staff is to maintain culture & environment. From rotating the training floor to giving high 5's & Fist Bumps, the BBT Coaching staff strives to know every member!  

  • Welcoming Atmosphere for all age groups and fitness levels to reach their goals

  • Training Session Length: 50- 70 minutes Training Session

  • Training Blocks are Every hour on the hour 

Why Does BBT Strength & Conditioning Work

There is a reason  why BBT Fitness is on of the Most Success Training Programs in the Charlotte.  One of our favorite Quotes is Success leaves Cues! 


Why Program Works:  

Consistent Training Schedule:

In BBT Strength & Conditioning: Members can expect 

Collegiate- Style Training Environment:

At BBT Fitness, Our Coaches and program resembles the collegiate level environment. It's all part of our strategy to help get you in shape, from the warm up to the training to in between reps, our program is designed to help motivate, build and challenge you!  


Proven Training Gameplan

The BBT Training program is scientifically designed to help our members achieve optimum results! 


When Are the Training Times?

At BBT Fitness, We Know that one of the most important factors of training is consistency. ​Thats why we offer consist scheduling and built in accountability measures to help our members Win!


Morning Block: BBT Breakfast Club 

  • 10 AM Personalized Performance

  • 11 AM Personalized Performance

  • 12 PM Personalized Performance

  • 1 PM  Personalized Performance

  • 2 PM  Personalized Performance

  • 3 PM  Personalized Performance

  • 4 PM  Personalized Performance

Evening Block: Club BBT 

  • 5 PM Fitcamp

  • 6 PM Fitcamp

  • 9 PM Fitcamp

Here's What You Should Know:  

  • All Member schedule through the BBT Fitness App.

  • BBT Training programs Operate on an Unlimited basis

  • BBT Members Have Open Availability to attend any training session available during scheduling.  

Who Will I be Working With?

At BBT Fitness you will work with a professional training staff all there to do one thing: Help You Achieve Success! As BBT Coaches, we believe that programs themselves have no soul, but it is our job as coaches to bring soul to the program. 

Here's What You Should Know

  • BBT Coaching Staff comes from various backgrounds at BBT Fitness. 

  • BBT Coaching staff is made up of diverse, different personalities that help make BBT

  • Our Coaches will work to adjust training programs to your fitness goals while teaching you how to train using our methodology.  

  • Coaches will help maintain training session energy and flow as we move! 


How Will I Be Coached

At At BBT Fitness, we understand that everyone is different!  Thats why we specialize in working with different member 

Here's What You Should Know:  

  • During BBT S&C sessions, Our Coaches will work with on on training floor to understand the training program & movements 

  • Training Style Options: BBT S&C has three main options of how members can choose to train! 

    • With a Coach: Work with a coach to develop better music .

    • Work in a Team: Training is always funner in a team! 

    • Work as Individual: We Get it! You want to move fast... or maybe you don't want to hold up the group. Either way, training as an individual may be best for you! 

  • We Work Perfsonalites 

  • Technique Training: BBT Coaches work to correct form & technique while on the training floor. And while we know that Rome was not built in a day, daily movement training will help ensure that members are staying safe, and moving well. 


Inside BBT Personalized Performance

Check out footage from inside the BBT Personalized Performance