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BBT Sports Performance Training 

A Training Program Built to Increase Speed, Athleticism and Power while Dominating at a High Level! 


Welcome to BBT Sports Performance Training

What is BBT Strength & Conditioning? 

BBT Strength & Conditioning is the brainchild of Coach T, the founder of BBT Fitness. Based on the collegiate football atmosphere, BBT Strength & Conditioning is the new age Aesthetic Strength & Conditioning Training in which we focus on how the body looks in the mirror. The program combines a high energy, collegiate style environment, individualized coaching and scientifically designed training programs to help our members reach their training goals! If you are serious about getting in the best shape of your life and want to be pushed in a way you’ve never been pushed before, BBT Strength & Conditioning is place for you. 

BBT Sports Performance Training is designed to help athletes take their training to the next level. Whether your goal is to play at the next level or simply hone in on your skills, BBT Sports Performance Training


Our goal is to ensure that all athlete is able to afford our programs. 

Quality, Scientific Training-

While the sports performance world is wide an array of options, our goal at BBT Sports Performance


While athletics may bring our athletes to us, we also understand that athletics will end one day. However, it is our goal is to build men and women who are mentally tough, good people who can excel in the world.

Who is BBT Sports Performance Program For? 

Athletes who are serious! BBT Sports Performance is designed for athletes who are looking to climb to the next level. Our goal in the BBT Sports Performance Program is to help athletes reach their fullest potential in all areas of their athletic field!  

Why BBT Sports Performance? 

BBT Sports Performance Training was developed on the principle of bringing affordable, high-quality performance to athletes of caliber and backgrounds. With scientifically designed programs and expert coaching, we offer athletes of the best long term training facilities for individuals looking to perfect and hone their skills.

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Inside BBT Sports Performance

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about BBT Sports Performance

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Welcome to the
"BBT Gameplan"

Learn about the BBT Training Programs designed to help you become consistent in the gym and reach your training success. 


The BBT Coaching 


BBT Sports Performance athletes benefit from the BBT Sports Performance Coaching Gameplan. All BBT Athletes receive Quartler 90 Day gameplans designed to help our athletes reach clear defined goals. and a easy-to-follow road map of how to get there! Achieving training success has never been so easy! 

The BBT Sports Performance  Programming

One of the Major benefits of BBT Sports Performance program is the access to BBT Fitness, professionally designed training programs. BBT Fitness. we specialize in delivering high quality programming (workout design) to our athletes. Whether the athlete is In season or off-season, our training programs are designed to help keep them developing year around.

  • Scientifically designed programming.


BBT Sports Performance Nutrition Gameplan 

"Every Great Training Programs Needs a Nutrition Element"

Every athlete needs nutrition and BBT Sports Performance Provide athletes with nutrition education to help optimize, they're eating and recharge their bodies. Our professionally designed nutrition program is tailored to educate athletes on nutrition basics while providing a simple and easy to follow roadmap for how to get to their nutrition goals. BBT Strength & Conditioning Members receive access to BBT Level 1 Nutrition Program

BBT Accountability Coaching

"Accountability is glue that ties commitment to the result"

Need accountability? We have you covered!


All members inside the BBT Coaching Programs receive accountability coaching through a series of call, text messages and emails!  Working with the BBT Success Manager, we help keep you find what works and then make it consistent. We know that staying consistent can be tough BBT and often you only need encouragement and pat on the back! 


The BBT Environment 

"Responsibility, equals accountability, equals ownership. And a sense of ownership is the most powerful weapon an individual could have" ~ Pat Summit

The BBT Sports Performance program is built on a foundation of our environment. When athletes arrive at BBT Fitness, they understand that they will be pushed by our coaching staff in a collegiate style environment. AOur training environment is designed to be push indivudals to their limits while ensuring that they are consistently learning inside our program. 


Inside BBT: S&C Videos

See Inside One of Charlotte's Best Aesthetic Strength & Conditioning Programs

What is the Training Program Methodology

— Name, Title

The BBT Sports Performance Methodology is predicated on the concept of long term athletic development followed by collegiate programs. by incorporating the . The BBT Sports performance training program combines athletic performance training with traditional strength & conditioning

Here's What You Should Know

  • We Believe in Functional Strength & Conditioning Training. This means we train our athletes on everyday movements relevant to their sports & everyday life!

  • BBT Fitness is a power lifting program. Our major movements consist of  Deadlifts, Squats, Bench press, Push Jerk & Hip Thrust. 

  • We believe in Science. Our Goal in our training program is not to run you into the ground everyday but rather train your body to using principles of exercise science.

  • Training Cycles: BBT Fitness trains in training cycles . This allows athletes to focus & maston development concepts befor

  • The BBT S&C Program will include Testing & Program Tracking.

  • Individualized Training Style

  • Customized Training Programs: BBT Fitness customizes  (Fits our programs to the athlete needs) our training program to every athlete in our training program. 

  • Unlimited Training (Monday-Friday)

  • Access to BBT Academy for more educational information. 


What is the Training Environment & Culture? 

At BBT Fitness, we understand that culture & environment is everything! That's why we make it a point of emphasis to build community and environment.


Here's What You Should Know:  

  • BBT Music: It's all about the rhythm! 

  • Training Environment: High Energy, Motivating

  • Coaching Staff: BBT Coaches Staff is to maintain culture & environment. From rotating the training floor to giving high 5's & Fist Bumps, the BBT Coaching staff 

  • Welcoming Atmosphere for all age groups and fitness levels

  • Training Session Length: 50- 70 minutes Training Sessions

  • Members can move at their individual pace thoughout the session.  

Who Will Our Athletes Work With?

At BBT Fitness you will work with a professional training staff all there to do one thing: Help You Achieve Success! As BBT Coaches, we believe that programs themselves have no soul, but it is our job as coaches to bring soul to the program. 

Here's What You Should Know

  • BBT Sports Performance Coaching Staff comes from various sports backgrounds to bring more value to the BBT Athletic Program! 

  • BBT Coaching staff is made up of diverse, different personalities that help make your experience unique. 

  • Our Coaches will work to adjust training programs to your fitness goals while teaching you how to train using our methodology.  

  • Coaches will help maintain training session energy and flow! 


How Will I Be Coached

At BBT Fitness, we understand that everyone is different!  BBT Sports Performance programs are designed to be customized to meet individual athlete needs. 

Here's What You Should Know:  

  • During BBT S&C sessions, BBT coaches work with sports performance athletes  on the training floor to understand the training programs & movements as effectively important. 

  • Training Style: BBT S&C has three main options of how members can choose to train! 

  • Age Groups: BBT Coaches work with athletes ranging from middle school (10 years old) to College level (18+). It is our goal to meet athletes at their personality styles and.   

  • Technique Emphasis: BBT Coaches work to correct form & technique while on the training floor. And while we know that Rome was not built in a day, daily movement training will help ensure that members are staying safe, and moving well. 

Why Does BBT Sports Performance Work?

BBT Sports Performance training is successful because of the clear designed gameplan that we offer our athletes.

Why Program Works:  

Consistent Training Schedule:

In BBT Sports Performance, athletes can expect a consistent training schedule. This allows our athletes to build their daily schedule around a consistent time!

Collegiate- Style Training Environment:

At BBT Fitness, our coaches and program help our members emmulate the collegiate training environment. It's all part of our strategy to help get athletes reach their best physical fitness and performance level in their life. in shape, from the warm up to the training and even in-between reps, our program is designed to help motivate, build and challenge you!  


Proven Training Gameplan

The BBT Coaching program is scientifically designed to help our members achieve optimum results! 


When Are the Training Times?

At BBT Fitness, we understand that  one of the most important factors of training is consistency. ​Thats why we offer consist scheduling and built in accountability measures to help our athletes win!


Morning Block: BBT Breakfast Club 

  • Seasonal 6 AM- BBT Strength & Conditioning

Midday Block: Sports Performance

  • 11 AM: Personalized Sports Performance

  • 12 PM: Personalized Sports Performance

  • 1 PM: Personalized Sports Performance

  • 2 PM: Personalized Sports Performance

  • 3 PM: Personalized Sports Performance

  • 4 PM: Personalized Sports Performance

Evening Block: Club BBT 

  • 7 PM Sports Performance Training

  • 8 PM Sports Performance Training

Here's What You Should Know:  

  • All athletes can schedule individually  through the BBT Fitness App.

  • BBT athletic programs operate on an unlimited basis

  • BBT Members Have Open Availability to attend any training session available during scheduling.  

Performance Training

BBT Training Tracks

Step 1: Choose Training Track

Choose Your Training Track and Reach your Success Goals!


Sports Team Performance Training 

Program Overview

BBT Team Performance training is designed for athletes looking to work on their craft and reach their optimal potential. BBT Performance Training focuses on the development of Power and Speed through proper mechanics.

  • Scientifically Designed Training Program

  • Block Period Training

  • Mobility& Flexibility Period

  • Access to State of the Arc Training Facility

  • Conditioning & Mechanics Emphasis

  • Speed Development Period

  • Monthly Assessments 

  • Weight, Body Fat & Muscle Mass Testing 

  • Professional Coaching Staff


Training Environment

  • 60 Minute Training Sessions

  • Team Style Training Format

  • Collegiate Training Format

  • Sessions 15 to 30 athletes.

  • Performance Coach Led

  • Sessions Designed to build mentally strong athletes


Training Times:

Morning Block 

6 AM- BBT Strength & Conditioning


Evening Block 

7 PM- BBT Strength & Conditioning

8 PM- BBT Strength & Conditioning


Sports Personalized Performance Training 

Program Overview

BBT Personalized Performance is designed for athletes looking to work on their craft on an individual level. Athletes can expect the following:

  • Scientifically Designed Training Program

  • Independent Training Programs 

  • Mobility& Flexibility Training

  • State of the Arc Training Facility

  • Biomechanics Emphasis

  • Monthly Assessments 

  • Weight, Body Fat & Muscle Mass Testing 

  • Professional Coaching Staff


Training Environment

  • Open Coached Format

  • Collegiate Weight Room Style

  • On the Floor Assessments and Corrections

  • Available Coaching Staff


Training Times:

  • 11 AM SP Open Coached

  • 12 PM- BBT SP Open Coached

  • 1 PM- BBT SP Open Coached

  • 2 PM- BBT SP Open Coached

  • 3 PM- BBT SP Open Coached

  • 4 PM- BBT SP Open Coached


Step 2: Schedule a Consultation and Get Started Today! 

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