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BBT Conditioning

Fun Workouts + Effective Training + Affordability= Your Program For Life


Welcome to BBT  Conditioning
"The Littest Workout In The City" 

What is BBT Conditioning? 

Fun Workouts + Effective Training + Affordability= Your Program For Life!

BBT Conditioning is a Bootcamp style program designed to incorporate athletic movements, metabolic conditioning,(Conditioning based on raising the metobolic zone to increase calorie burn and increase fat loss) and fat loss bundled together to deliver a program made with two thoughts in mind: affordability and effectiveness. With our client base comprised of mostly young adults on a tight budget, we know just how important each dollar you spend is. That’s why we made our coveted Group Fitness classes 5 days a week, convenient times, and unlimited sessions. 


The BBT Secret Sauce: Metabolic Training

Metabolic training is designed to burn the maximum amount of fat utilizing High-Intensity Interval Training and Strength Training. It is one of the most efficient and effective ways to achieve fat loss through minimized rest periods between exercises in an effort to maximize calorie burn and increase metabolic rate during and after the workout.

Who is BBT Strength & Conditioning For? 

You! BBT Strength & Conditioning was designed for everyone looking to train hard, commit to and reach their fitness goals. Whether you are a 24 woman looking to be coached for the first time or the 42 business owner for a way to train seriously, BBT Strength & Conditioning is the program for you! 

Why BBT FitCamp?

Our studies have proven that working in small groups has been an integral part of getting you going and keeping you coming back.  In Fit Camp, we help you develop a winning attitude, a disciplined mind, and a confident you.

About BBT Strength & Conditioning

Inside BBT Conditioning


What Our Members Say

"BBTConditioning is everything! From the music to people to coaches telling to go as they make you smile, BBT Conditioning is what I look forward to every single day!

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Welcome to the
"BBT Gameplan"

Learn about the BBT Workout Program designed to help Get In Shape And Love Every Step Of The Way! 


The BBT Workout


The BBT Coaching  Gameplan is the foundation of success for BBT Strength & Conditioning Members. All  BBT S&C Members receive Quarterly 90 Day Coaching Gameplans designed to help members develop clear, defined goals and a easy to follow roadmap to get there!  Achieving training Results has never been so easy! 

BBT Nutrition Gameplan 

"Every Great Training Programs Needs a Nutrition Element"

BBT Strength & Conditioning Members receive access to BBT Level 1 Nutrition Program. Our nutrition program is designed to educate members on nutrition basics while providing a simple and easy to follow roadmap for members to add to their training program. Don't feel energized about nutrition? That's why we offer nutrition challenges to our members


The BBT Environment 

"Responsibility, equals accountability, equals ownership. And a sense of ownership is the most powerful weapon an individual could have" ~ Pat Summit

The BBT Coaching  Gameplan is the foundation of success for BBT Strength & Conditioning Members. All  BBT S&C Members receive Quarterly 90 Day Coaching Gameplans designed to help members develop clear, defined goals and a easy to follow roadmap to get there!  Achieving training Results has never been so easy! 

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What You Need To Know

See Inside One of Charlotte's Best Aesthetic Conditioning Programs

What is the Training Program Methodology

— Name, Title

Results are often predicated on strategy & method. That's why it's important to understand the methodology of the training program in which our coaching staff will work with you to reach your fitness goals! At BBT Fitness, we believe that fitness should be between You & Yourself! You won't see competitive workouts or Leaderboards but rather smiles when succeed and encouragement when you come in! 

Here's What You Should Know

  • We Believe in Functional Strength & Conditioning Training. This means we train you using movements relevant to your everyday life!

  • The BBT Conditioning Program is designed to focus on fast explosive movements while ensuring that members are moving fast and burning calories! 

  • We believe in Science. Our Goal in our training program is not to run you into the ground everyday but rather train your body to using principles of exercise science. 

  • Unlimited Training: The BBT Conditioning programs offers unlimited training to members! Why? Because our job is to help our members get outcomes! Whether you need 2 sessions or 5 sessions a week


What is the Training Environment & Culture? 

At BBT Fitness, we understand that culture & environment is everything! That's why we make it a point of emphasis to build community and environment.


Here's What You Should Know:  

  • BBT Music: It's all about the rhythm! 

  • Training Environment: High Energy, Motivating

  • Coaching Staff: BBT Coaches Staff is to maintain culture & environment. From rotating the training floor to giving high 5's & Fist Bumps, the BBT Coaching staff create a Welcoming Atmosphere for all age groups and fitness levels

  • Conditioning Classes Length: 55 minutes 

Why Does BBT Conditioning Work?

What is the secret Sauce to BBT Conditioning? Fun! At BBT Fitness, it our goal to ensure that our members look forward to BBT Conditioning, every single day! Paired with scientific approach to workouts, we know that members that consistently show up, will get consistent results! 


Why Program Works:  

Consistent Training Schedule:

In the BBT Conditioning Program, BBT members can expect to build a daily schedule centered around training. And once in a rhythm, the training becomes that much easier! 

Fast Paced, Bootcamp Style Classes: 

In BBT Conditioning, BBT members can expect fast faced, bootcamp style classes. The BBT Coach staff implement the workout of the day while incorporating fun community builders and challenges to ensure that every member is challenged every single day!   


Proven Training Gameplan

The BBT Training program is scientifically designed to help our members achieve optimum results! We know that through consistently showing up. and engaging in your workouts + a conscious effort to focus on nutrition, our members can reach their fitness goals in no time! 


When Are the Training Times?

The  BBT Conditioning Program delivers two training options for members to participate in! We Know that one of the most important factors of training is consistency. ​Thats why our schedule is designed to help our members build consistent, easy to follow training schedules that don't feel like a chore! We  also offer prescheduling options and built in accountability measures to help our members stay consistent throughout the journey. 


Monday -Thursday

Morning Block: BBT Breakfast Club 

  • 6 AM Fitcamp

Evening Block: Club BBT 

  • 7 PM Fitcamp

Friday: Team Training

  • 9 AM & 6 PM

Here's What You Should Know:  

  • All Member schedule through the BBT Fitness App.

  • BBT Training programs operate on an Unlimited basis!

  • BBT Members Have Open Availability to attend any training session available during scheduled programs.   

Who Will I be Working With?

At BBT Fitness you will work with a professional training staff all there to do one thing: Help You Achieve Success! As BBT Coaches, we believe that programs themselves have no soul, but it is our job as coaches to bring soul to the program. 

Here's What You Should Know

  • BBT Coaching Staff comes from various backgrounds at BBT Fitness. 

  • BBT Coaching staff is made up of diverse, different personalities that help make BBT

  • Our Coaches will work to adjust training programs to your fitness goals while teaching you how to train using our methodology.  

  • Coaches will help maintain training session energy and flow as we move! 


How Will I Be Coached in BBT Conditioning?

At BBT Fitness, we understand that everyone is different!  Thats why we specialize in ensuring that every member learns how to best adjust our training programs to reach their fitness goals.

Here's What You Should Know:  

  • During BBT Conditioning sessions, BBT Coaches will work with members to teach members movements on the training floor. 

  • Training Style Options: BBT S&C has three main options of how members can choose to train! 

    • With a Coach: Work with a coach to develop better music .

    • Work in a Team: Training is always funner in a team! 

    • Work as Individual: We Get it! You want to move fast... or maybe you don't want to hold up the group. Either way, training as an individual may be best for you! 

  • BBT Members will experience different coaching styles depending on the day! 

    • Class Style-

    • Station Style

    • Performance Training Style

    • Circuit Style

    • And More 

  • Our Goal is To Learn You: It is our goal as coaches to learn you over time as we develop our coaching approach. Whether it's high 5's in the middle of the session? Or taking a few moments to ensure that you understand the program. 


Inside BBT Conditioning Videos

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