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Welcome to BBTVember

Don't Wait Until the New year... Join BBTVember Today And Reach All Your Fitness Goals!

Welcome to BBTVember

Black Friday is too short...That's why we created a Month

November 28th to December 31st!


Black Friday... for the Entire Month! 

Every year around Thanksgiving the retail world kicks off a massive Black Friday event. In the past, BBT fitness had unveiled a BBT Black Friday as a way to give discounts on training. However this year, we decided to do things a little differently...

We present, BBTVember!


What is BBTvember

BBTVEMBER is our month-long promotion for all BBT Specials. Instead of  Click the link below to join Be BTVember today


Why BBTVember Makes Sense! 


Every Holiday Season, we often find ourselves buying items we simply don't need! From clothes to shoes to seasonal items that quickly go out of style, it's easy to make a purchase that we will easily regret!

BBTVember is all about investing! Investing in our Body. Investing in our health. And investing in a community of like-minded people who will help you reach your fitness goals. 


In Facility Promotion

75% Off Enrollment Fee for all BBT Aesthetic Programs


Join BBT Bootcamp or Fitcamp today and receive 75% Off all start up fees!

Online Coaching Program Promotion 

25% OFF All Online Training  Programs!!


All BBT Online Training programs are 25%. Don't miss this amazing deal!

Programs include 

  • BBT SLimThick Training Program

  • BBT FitThick Training Program

  • BBT Glute Development Training Program

Use Promo Code: BBTVember

Member Promotion

Earn $25 Cash for every Referral!

BBT Members can earn  $25 cash for EVERY referral sign up OR $10 off one-month membership submitting for 5 person referral sheet! 

  • Referral Sign Ups- Members receive $25 Cash for every referral Sign Up! (Individual Must start program) 

  • Just Refer- Any member that refers 4 individual will receive $10 off their next month!


Additional Resources 


See Our Result Pictures


Learn About BBT Success 


See Why We're The Best Coaching Program For You!

Ends Dec. 31th

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