Welcome to BBTVember

Black Friday is too short...That's why we created a Month

November 24th to December 24th!



Black Friday... for the Entire Month! 

Every year around Thanksgiving the retail world kicks off a massive Black Friday event. In the past, BBT fitness had unveiled a BBT Black Friday as a way to give discounts on training. However this year, we decided to do things a little differently...

We present, BBTVember!


BBTVEMBER is our month-long promotion for all BT Specials. Click the link below to join BBTVember today! 



Don't Wait, We're Waiting for You!

In Facility Promotion

75% Off Enrollment Fee for all BBT Aesthetic Programs


Join BBT Bootcamp or Fitcamp today and receive 75% Off all start up fees!

Online Training Promotion 

25% OFF All Online Training  Programs!!


All BBT Online Training programs are 25%. Don't miss this amazing deal!

Programs include 

  • BBT SLimThick Training Program

  • BBT FitThick Training Program

  • BBT Glute Development Training Program

Use Promo Code: BBTVember

Member Promotion

Earn $25 Cash for every Referral!

BBT Members can earn  $25 cash for EVERY referral sign up OR $10 off one-month membership submitting for 5 person referral sheet! 

  • Referral Sign Ups- Members receive $25 Cash for every referral Sign Up! (Individual Must start program) 

  • Just Refer- Any member that refers 4 individual will receive $10 off their next month!



Ends Dec. 24th